They Killed Him and Mourned His Death on Facebook After (Baller Wolf)

knicks3n-1-webremember this story i posted about slain baller wolf,
michael wright?
( x get a refresher )
well an f-bi updated me on the outcome a year later.
they found out who killed michael.
you will just never believe the jackal involved
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Playing With Balls In Boston?

artest_mainso my vixen friend is at a business seminar in boston this weekend.
she is staying at the ritz carlton and was in for a happy surprise in the lobby.
she came out the elevator to a ton of tall black wolves.
just so happens that the ny knicks happen to be staying at the same hotel.
i know.
well nothing has happened... yet.
she said she spoke to ron artest briefly,
he is fine in person,
and he was really nice.
she didn’t see carmelo tho.
everyone wants a piece of carmelo.
she isn’t looking for a baller wolf at all,
but it doesn’t mean i’m not.

Who Knew Justin Bieber’s Crib Was Where All The Baller Wolves Go?

tyson-03….”chicken legs”
nba baller wolf of the new york knicks tyson chandler
being one of them.
who knew justin bieber was an untapped resource?
is this a case of “you can’t sit with us”?…

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#YouTryinToGetThePipe On Your Chest?


well jr smith wants to give it to you…

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Stephon Marbury’s Peen Gets Some Wet Leakage

qvc ffany 181006

i use to think ex baller wolf stephon marbury was kinda hot.
he had a nice little body and some charmin cakes.
i always wondered if his big head matched the little one down below.
my girl mandii b from full court pumps got first dibs.
you know i had to share with the foxhole..

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foxes and vixens,
how many of us have heard that line before?
i wonder how many times ive used the word “pipe” on ijf?
anyway baller wolf jr smith of the knicksjr-smith-tattoo-1jm_zps3d2adb22…wants to give his “pipe” to a willing taker.
well not YOU per say,
but this 18 year old vixen caught him up something sweet yesterday

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