#YouTryinToGetThePipe On Your Chest?


well jr smith wants to give it to you…

… but it will cost you.


if that isn’t a brilliant marketing plan.
although i don’t know if i want his simpson’s looking face on my chest.
you may want it tho…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “#YouTryinToGetThePipe On Your Chest?”

  1. Aight I see you J.R. trying to make a lil extra money. I bet it will sell, especially to the young ones.

    I want to fuck with J.R. I know he prob does not give up the ass, but I would love to at least give him some good head, and let him nut right on my face. Judge me if you want but I’d let him.

    1. ^^^^Judged^^^^…. LOL JK
      He’s ok to me… I would do all that tho… He looks like he would be slightly dirty…

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