Who Knew Justin Bieber’s Crib Was Where All The Baller Wolves Go?

tyson-03….”chicken legs”
nba baller wolf of the new york knicks tyson chandler
being one of them.
who knew justin bieber was an untapped resource?
is this a case of “you can’t sit with us”?…

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 5.47.53 PMJustin Bieber has some big friends … we’re talkin’ 7-footers … and they’ve got JB’s back no matter what, so says NBA superstar (and full on Belieber) Tyson Chandler.

Earlier this week, Bieber tweeted a photo of himself (sans shirt, of course) hanging out with Chandler and Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant.

Everyone sorta wondered how they all know each other … and what they were all doing at Bieber’s mansion.

Well, last night, we found 7’1″ Chandler leaving a party in Beverly Hills and he told us everything … except why Bieber has so much trouble keeping his shirt on.

why are these grown ass wolves hanging out with this boy?
why are all these rappers cosigning his life?
why are these mogul wolves buying him cars?
am i missing something?
a ha!
i know what i’m missing.
my invite.


lowkey: ive seen the biebz on a television special and well…
his hyper ass needs ritalin.

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6 thoughts on “Who Knew Justin Bieber’s Crib Was Where All The Baller Wolves Go?”

  1. I like both Chandler and Durant. I find it odd that they are hanging with Beiber but they are apart of Hollyweird. Justin needs to slow down. I think something sexual has gone on but not everyone around is involved. A lot of people in and out make it hard to pinpoint who did what to whom.

  2. justin b looks like fresh white meat. i wonder who was the first to bang him into the industry? he is acting like a white girl who got some good black pipe.

  3. They hang out with him because he’s a celebrity.I remember watching an old Madonna documentary.That one she did back in like 91.All these celebrities were showing up to give her hugs and wish her luck backstage at her concert.Madonna was saying to the camera that she finds it weird that other celebrities become your friend/want to become your friend because you’re a celebrity to.As soon as Justin becomes washed up/not popular anymore and/or he blows his money, these athletes will be no where to be found.Ask MC Hammer.Ask former pro athletes.Money buys you friends, family, and boyfriends/girlfriends.But when you lose it all, those people are gone.Besides the ones that were genuinely your friend and not there because of your wealth/status.

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