I’ll Give You A BJ So I Can Meet Lady Gaga!!!!

lady-gaga-v-2oh god not me.
her little monsters however are going to great lengths to meet her.
lady gaga told her fans that the person who can show proof that they bought the most singles
for “applause” will be able to fly out to meet her and attend a show.
who knew her fans would get this competitive?…

whoagaga2 whoagagatumblr_mrnaa0FdtA1qeoa32o1_250seriously?
i mean the song is cool and all,
but i would be damn if i give head for someone else’s benefit.
must be crazy.
gaga betta be letting me ride her mouth after.

x for those who want to get some head tho

lowkey: a critic says lady gaga exploits her gay fans.
don’t all these female singers tho?

x read about it here

x read this one as well


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “I’ll Give You A BJ So I Can Meet Lady Gaga!!!!”

  1. I don’t know whose worse: Little Monsters, Beyhive, or Team Breezy? They worship these people and try don’t even extend the courtesy.

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