lady gaga takes down whitney houston

ya’ll seen lady gaga lately?
she wants that damn oscar.
so i asked the foxhole about “a star is born” on my ig stories the other day.
i asked if it was worth the hype.
i got a ton of replies that it wasn’t.
i’m not really rushing to watch it either.
well it seems this movie has taken down whitney houston.
this is what i saw on twitter
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Lady Gaga Fall Off Was A “Perfect Illusion”


so lady gaga is back.
she definitely made an interesting “come back”.
at first,
it looked like she fell off hard when it came to music.
“art pop” was an “art flop”.
so she took a break which was a wise choice.
she chilled,
made a jazz duet album with tony bennett,
started acting in “american horror story: hotel”,
and won a golden globe for “best actress in a limited series”.
sometimes you gotta fall all the way back to get humbled.
well lady gaga is back with a new song.
it’s called “perfect illusion”
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AHS: Hotel (Not A Good Stay For An Hour?)

Hotel-ahs-gaga-900px-finalso i was going to tune into “ahs: hotel” this season.
i won’t lie…
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Lady Gaga and R. Kelly Do What They Want on SNL

tumblr_mwh9t7R8Ch1rpgfoho1_500so lady gaga hosted snl this weekend.
she invited special guest r kelly to take the stage with her.
okay, thats fine.
someone explain their performance of “do what u want” for me:

x click here to watch it

…because im absolutely confused.
is this what it has come to gaga?
should i also ask r kelly the same question as well?

I Listened To “Art Pop” And Well

xlady-gaga-artpop-album-cover.jpg.pagespeed.ic.zVedM1y8mUone of the f-bi who always keeps me up on things sent me lady gaga’s “art pop” album.
not the one that was online with the bad quality either.
the good one with “m4a” tracks.
well i listened to it while i was working on something i have to ask…
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Move Over Lady Gaga, Katy Perry Has A New Video To Show Us.

tumblr_msoimezEAO1qkpqfko1_500lady gaga’s arch sales nemesis,
katy perry,
just debuted that video for the song i like called,
different than what i expected,
but not bad…
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