Lady Gaga and R. Kelly Do What They Want on SNL

tumblr_mwh9t7R8Ch1rpgfoho1_500so lady gaga hosted snl this weekend.
she invited special guest r kelly to take the stage with her.
okay, thats fine.
someone explain their performance of “do what u want” for me:

x click here to watch it

…because im absolutely confused.
is this what it has come to gaga?
should i also ask r kelly the same question as well?

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “Lady Gaga and R. Kelly Do What They Want on SNL”

    1. Wow he talk just like Kanye and did a good job. Have anyone else notice the thighs on this man? Thick! I love men with some thick thighs because it not only sexy but also comfortable when you sitting on him or riding him like a pony. And oh man he has a beautiful skin complexion as well.

  1. You know I would have kinda of like this song if it wasn’t R. Kelly, like how old is this man.I get that he’s trying to come back this year across all audiences but seriously? And she can sing, and I feel like its wasted talent with the bullshyt extra. That crawling and face in his crotch…come on home girl…Foolishness and Fuckery at its finest.

      1. Remember in the beginning, it didn’t seem so awkward and forced like it does now. She seemed like a new fresh artist, now she seems like she needs to keep topping herself to stay relevant.

  2. You know why I love artists like Adele and Amy Winehouse, because they didn’t need gimmicky things to sell themselves, no dancing, bright ass outfits or concepts to perform. I know people who blew beyonce ticket money to just see Adele stand in the center of the stage and just sing, as well as connect to the audience by talking to them like she was just regular. Like Corinne Bailey Rae, Goapele, Heather Headley, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, true artists. What we have now is cookie cutter artist molds made to sell records.

    1. I agree.People forgot the “sing” in singer and it became all about image.Image can only go so far.That’s also the reason you have so many defenders like “Well, she is an entertainer.”I miss the days when singers sang and the excuse if they were horrible was “that was just a bad day.”I think Amy and Adele were supposed to usher in a new era but America will not let these sex selling image artists die.

      Gaga can sing.She doesn’t need image or gimmicks, her talent speaks for itself.Same with Beyonce.Leave the shocks and gimmicks to people like Miley Cyrus who I am sure will probably finger herself on stage so she can be talked about.

      1. TELL ME ABOUT IT, and to think her foolishness and fuckery led to her break up with Liam Hemsworth who is a fine ass grown man to hang with the little twists and ignorant niggas in the world. If people just simply stood up collectively and basically said were over this and started to ignore them watch how they’d start dropping like flies and not just in music, but in entertainment as a whole. Its like you always have to hurt someones wallet for it to hit home and make sense

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