so i watched the rihanna concert at the superbowl and i have thoughts…

rihanna is the talk of every forest today.
as you know,
she performed a highly anticipated concert with a football game.
everyone and their mama tuned in just to see her.
this is how she did…

…while the nfl act like haters with the youtube video.

so my thoughts on what i thought of it

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Mariah Carey Presents “The Final Tragedy of 2016”

it looked like it was going to be an entertaining show.
mariah carey had other plans tho.
so last night on “dick clark’s rockin’ new years eve”,
mariah was the featured performer.
our favorite diva was going to show the rest how it’s supposed to be done.
well she sure showed them something alright.
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Beyonce Stole Something?

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Showso beyonce did something.
last night.
at the grammys.
it has everything to do with that confusing performance.
the one she kinda “stole” from ledisi.
okay so here is what happened
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Lady Gaga and R. Kelly Do What They Want on SNL

tumblr_mwh9t7R8Ch1rpgfoho1_500so lady gaga hosted snl this weekend.
she invited special guest r kelly to take the stage with her.
okay, thats fine.
someone explain their performance of “do what u want” for me:

x click here to watch it

…because im absolutely confused.
is this what it has come to gaga?
should i also ask r kelly the same question as well?

Jason Derulo Tattoos His Album Cover

24cw0lcwhat in the…?????
jason derulo went really colorful with his album artwork.
i guess usher really is his motivation.

x i could be wrong

lowkey: i do like his cartoon waves tho.
looks like that indian remy.
here he is performing on america’s got talent tonight:

and his video with 2 chainz “talk dirty to me”:

…i’m mad at this faux jamaican accent tho.
soooo yeah…
breezy wolf be scared?

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 11.56.54 PM

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Ginuwine Popped Something Else During That Performance

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 12.47.30 PM

i wonder if he read my entry?
you know when i said…

x read it here

well either way,
ginuwine caught a lot of heat for his blinking a mile a minute during that tgt performance.
he gave an interview with street heat however to explain “jitter-gate”

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