Mariah Carey Presents “The Final Tragedy of 2016”

it looked like it was going to be an entertaining show.
mariah carey had other plans tho.
so last night on “dick clark’s rockin’ new years eve”,
mariah was the featured performer.
our favorite diva was going to show the rest how it’s supposed to be done.
well she sure showed them something alright.
this is what happened

did you hear the pre-recorded whistle register?
did she not know the words to her own song?

mariah can never shade the other vixens again.
this might have been a nice slice of humble pie for her.
if you gonna play “the shading hyena” in life,
make sure you always bring it each time you show up.

see my issue with mariah is she is a legend.
she is known for her immaculate vocals.
walking around,
looking out of it,
all around lazy,
and talking on the stage is not what a diva deep in the game does.
so for her to shade the other chicks baffles me.
and aretha would never allow that.
beyonce is a top notch entertainer and she doesn’t even play “the shade game”.
i’m sure b would have had everyone in times square fired afterwards…
…but the show would have had to go on in the clutch.
this whole thing is a life “a-ha” moment if you look at it.
mariah may need to bow out gracefully.
i think it’s time now.
she put up an ig post to respond to all the criticism:

how cool i got “555,555” when i clicked on her ig post?
she is about to ruin her legacy with the jokes.
you’re better than this mariah!
let the other older lady who is trying to stay youthful be the “joke”.

lowkey: one of the reasons i refuse to watch her reality show.
real talk: i hate to say this,
but beyonce is really the standard for performers nowadays.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Presents “The Final Tragedy of 2016””

  1. This is totally off topic, but in numerology 5 is the number of transition and change. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that you saw six 5’s. It could be a sign….

  2. I thought everyone knew She lip syncs. It’s obvious she doesn’t have the vocal quality she use to but she still could have at least tried.

  3. Mariah definitely forgot to take her meds. She went through another traumatic and work filled year just like when that TRL shit happened. Rambling and nervously strutting? I call a mental breakdown. Again. Resulting in her obviously not giving two fucks. She looked great though. Nice and thick.

  4. beyonce is a top notch entertainer and she doesn’t even play “the shade game”.

    Really?…maybe not as of late, but isn’t there a video collage on YouTube of some of her notable shady moments usually involving other members of DC?

  5. Mariah is one of my favorites, so I have yet to be able to bring myself to view this video. Maybe in a few years. However, it is not like it is some huge secret that she lips the high notes and she has been getting shade thrown at her about it for years.

  6. Mariah still thinks that she is young and sexy…she’s not. She’s still dressing like a THOT, and she is too old for that. Time to take a break, get her shyt together, get in the studio and pump out an album of decent music.
    She hasn’t had that since the Emancipation of Mimi CD. I thought she was about to make a serious “comeback” (hate using that word) but she managed to flub that big time. She is too caught up in appearances, and that DIVA schtick only goes so far before people start getting tired and pissed off over the antics.

    This is going to be a hard dose of reality for her. I just hope that her frail ego can take it and that she doesn’t have another breakdown.

    Same can be said for Madonna. Too old to be trying the same antics you used back in your prime. It’s not cute…AT ALL! Just make good music and stop the foolishness.

      1. Agreed, J! Way too many “yes” men and women in the camp. Somebody needs to sit her down and give her a SERIOUS dose of reality…of course they may lose their job, but what the hell?! LOL

  7. I feel that Mariah Carey is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I think a lot of her decisions she has been making in the last few years, shows that she is not all the way there. Like the constant touring, divorce from Nick, dating engaged then split from James, boring reality show. Too me she is trying way to hard. She needs to take a few years off and just raise her twins. She has a 27 year old career, sold over 200 million records, released 14 albums, if that was me I would kick back and just be a parent to my kids, and do a little 10 city summer tour, and maybe a tour overseas every now and again. Mariah has noting to prove, yet she is out here ruining her legacy. I hate to say this but I think she might have a drinking issue. Her up and down weight, shading other people, jumping into relationships, and still trying to perform in bad voice. Mariah please get it together. We are losing to many of our legends.

  8. I watched her reality show (guilty pleasure) and I must say I’m a fan of her everything. lmao. The diva like behavior is what many fans know her to be and it’s also not a secret that she lips sync the high notes at times and sings some of the other verses. I feel that she is pushing herself too hard, and her current manager isn’t making it any better. She’s everywhere…

    It’s not like she had her kids in her 20s/30s so she should take out time, and enjoy it with her children. She has spoken in the past about being self-conscious and self-esteem issues (thus not being seen in fluorescent lighting, good side, etc.). Her and Celine are the only ones left of the vocal holy trinity (Whitney, Celine, Mariah), and to be honest Celine’s voice has not changed drastically over the years like Mariah’s. Celine takes really good care of her voice and she can still her he same notes and runs that she has in the beginning of her career.

    Hell Patti and Gladys haven’t put an original album out in decades and sing their greatest hits for 2 hrs. at a concert, collect their money and go home. They only go out when necessary lol. Patti needs to have a talk with her goddaughter and tell her to get it together ASAPish. Hell Aretha’s voice ain’t been the same in years (don’t kill me) and she needs to retire, but she keeps on pushing because that’s what LEGENDS do!

    1. ^Tyson…people do know and watch her for her antics, but I can say that I am a fan because of her voice and music. Her musicality (if that’s a word) has gone downhill over the years. She is a shell of who she used to be, and she has no one to blame for that but herself. Take care of your instrument, your bread and butter and it will take care of you. She seems to think that she can get by by having her titties and ass out all the time (ala J Lo who can pull it off because she has the shape) squeezed into a too small outfit.
      She is fooling herself, and the people around her need their asses whipped for dealing with that nonsense.
      I can only hope that they are not feeding into her insecurities by lying to her and telling her yeah girl you look good or otherwise. I mean seriously, she has on a damn leotard in the middle of Times Square on New Year’s Eve?! Management team needs to be FIRED.

      She needs to take some time off. Raise her kids, do her little Vegas show, get some counseling, and call it a day. She can tour ever few years or so. She has the catalogue to do it, however because she can’t hit those high notes like she used to, she needs to find a way to “revamp” or “reinvent” some of those songs to make her able to sing them. Here’s where she could reach out to Madonna to find out how to do that successfully, because she’s managed to rework many of her hits on her tours.

      1. YUP! Does anyone remember Mariah’s very first single: Vision of Love? The problem is, she isn’t KNOWN for songs like that…well not anymore at least. Her whole LEGEND status is messed up. She’s not even praised for her BEST work, like the other legends, she’s praised for being a diva (who at one point ACTUALLY EARNED her legend status with songs like Vision of Love). She stopped taking her craft seriously, thus, she will never be taken seriously.

        Rather unfortunate. Her voice in the Vision of Love era was truly one of the best, if not the best in the generation, SHE really had the tools to be a TRUE legend.

  9. ok so we have a possible 2 reasons why as she says ‘shit’ happens.
    1. She was told she is performing at 5pm that day ands she was totally unprepared or
    2. She was not in the mood to rehearse so she tells her people what songs to have ready instead she thought she remembered the lyrics so she did not prepare and so she fucked up.

    Yes Mariah….SHIT HAPPENS to amateurs, not to professionals . she has ruined her brand and as the promoter she would have to take me to court as I would not be paint her balance for the performance.

  10. Jamari,

    I feel like you’ve missed the mark here. Even on Mariah’s worst day, she still out sings and out shines J Low and the other vixens. Mariah has never picked a fight, but she’s never ran when others brought the fight to her. The whole “I don’t know her” wasn’t shade, it was the truth. Mariah didn’t know J Low and still doesn’t know her. The truth will set everyone of us free.

    Even a legend is allowed to have a bad day, and that’s what happened to the butterfly yesterday, but have no doubt, Mariah is still on the throne. This too shall pass. Never count Mimi out, ever.

    1. ^i see we’re gonna be bumpin’ heads because of my opinion in ’17 p!
      it’s okay.
      we won’t see font to font with everything.
      judging from the “j low” nickname,
      i can see you’re on team “i don’t know her” LOL

      happy 2017 love!

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