Beyonce Stole Something?

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Showso beyonce did something.
last night.
at the grammys.
it has everything to do with that confusing performance.
the one she kinda “stole” from ledisi.
okay so here is what happened

if you didn’t know,
ledisi is an amazing r&b/jazz singer with an beautiful voice.
she is still on the come up.
well she has a song on the selma soundtrack called,
“take my hand, precious lord”.
it is also a song she sung in the movie.
she played gospel singer ( x mahalia jackson ).
well common and john legend performed “glory” last night,
which is also on the soundtrack,
so it was only fair for ledisi to sing her song.

giphybeyonce wanted to sing it,
so she went to john legend and common and that was that.
ledisi had no clue b was going to sing it.
she ended up watching from the audience.
this is what ledisi had to say about it:

“What I will say and what I’m excited about is that I had the pleasure of playing an iconic figure in Selma, and the song, ‘Take My Hand, Precious Lord,’ it’s been going on forever – starting with the queen Mahalia [Jackson], the queen of soul Aretha Franklin,” Ledisi told ET’s Kevin Frazier on the carpet.

“Then, I was able to portray and sing my version of the song, and now we have Beyonce. Her generation will now know the song, so I’m a part of history,” she continued.

one mo’ gin:

giphyjohn legend also had a statement:

“We were actually approached by Beyonce. She wanted to do an intro to our performance and introduce us,” Legend told Kevin. “You don’t really say no to Beyonce if she asks to perform with you.”

tumblr_n0drnmwQgS1r35onto1_500…really john?
i thought that was pretty nasty.
was it just me?
i feel like beyonce should have performed her own song.
one from her album.
the one that was nominated.
it was weird she decided to do someone else’s song.
one that was in a movie she had no involvement in.
one that belonged to another artist who needs the exposure.
like i love b and all…
ledisi was nice and classy in her response.
well these are the two versions:



tumblr_inline_n2nlq8xAda1rt6qr4after listening to both versions,
you can already tell whose version i liked.
hint: she didn’t perform last night.

lowkey: i think i’m more disappointed with common and legend.

quotes taken: yahoo

20 thoughts on “Beyonce Stole Something?

  1. Ok fist off, Beyoncé had a performance slot so why are we shaming her for using her own performance slot to bring more light to this social issue? And Ledisi should be ashamed of herself for wallowing in her own pitty because in an interview she said she was “disappointed” with Beyoncé’s performance. Ledisi wasn’t even scheduled to perform!!!

  2. Jamari, I’ve read your commentary and the other comments and I listened to both and I agree with you 100%. Nothing more to add. You’ve said it all.

  3. Sadly, this is the politics of the music industry, but lets get into that performance it was technically good, but had no soul. When you sing this song, you have to come from a place deep within your soul to make this believable. I heard a version today from the late Whitney Houston that I had never heard before from 2011 a year before her death, when her voice was in tatters. She reach deep within a place and brought tears to my eyes with her rendition. I am a gospel traditionalist, when you sing a song like this and I don’t feel goosebumps, I cant even relate. I have heard normal people in church tear this song up. Beyonce may have the voice but she does not have the feeling to convey this. You best believe Ledisi would have brought the house down. Aretha, Shirley Murdock, Fantasia, even Brandy are true gospel singers who sing with feeling and soul and would have also brought the house down.

    I am beginning to believe some of the less than savory things said about the Queen B, she seems to like to steal the spotlight and attention from others, maybe she was trying to salvage her reputation from last year criticism of being too erotic and sexual, so she shows up in white ready for redemption. She is a powerful young woman in the industry and she should have told Common or John or whoever that you know what, I am going to give my shine away for just a minute to help a sister out, that would have been a Boss move. At the end of the day, Ledisi is a bad chick who still be blessed from all of this. Ironically, Beyonce also beat her out for the Grammy.

  4. I’m a fan of both Ledisi and Beyonce. I love both versions cuz both of these black beautiful women are talented as hell. What’s sad is how this song is so uplifting and it gives us black people hope. In people are out here with the negative thoughts on who shaded who. Just take a step back in think everything gets recycled and there will always be another artist that will make another version cuz they always do. Both of those beautiful women did a very good job. Stop hating n enjoy BLACK HISTORY MONTH!!!!!!!

  5. Oh this fickle industry,it was shady from all 3. I know it’s not ledisi’s song but she sung it for the movie and that should have been her moment to shine not B. I’m a fan of B but like j said where was your involvement in this movie or Soundtrack when It was in postproduction. I’m really more surprise by common than anyone. He has never been anyone’s radar in a big way musically anyway, which is why He had to get into the acting game. Now you are getting a little bit of shine maybe close to Winning an Oscar(which no one would have foreseen a year ago. Hell a month ago) he should know what it’s like to have to always climb to the top and never reach it.

  6. She had no right singing that song. It wasn’t her element. She went from singing break up songs, love songs, fuck me right now anywhere songs to a jazz gospel song? Have a seat Beyonce I love you but this is the problem now. We can’t say “no to beyonce”? Excusefuckingme? Beyonce is a great artist and performer but she is not “God” or the higher power. Smh

  7. WHAT!!!! The gays turning on Beyoncé. He clutches his pearls. Lol, I actual liked beyonces performance. It was strong.

  8. As a Ledisi fan, some of us DO buy her records, go to her shows and pray for the rest of you to catch up, LOL. I, too, am more disappointed in John Legend.

  9. JUST last year she was talking about the nut on her dress and grinding her pussy on man wood but now she singing about precious lord? Girl go sit down.

  10. I must be the only one that doesn’t care one way or the other.

    Its not like it was HER song. People have been singing this song in black churches for like a century.

    I have no idea why Beyonce wanted to perform it though.

    I’m baffled that people expected Beyonce to give her the performance like Ledisi was ever booked for the Grammy’s in the first place.

    Shit, that’s what separates Beyonce and Rihanna from the rest, they don’t sit around and wait for approval, they go after what they want.

    Perhaps all these newfound fans of Ledisi should buy her album and support her more so she can perform at the Grammy’s one day? Put your money where mouth is?

  11. I believe it. Ain’t that something? That is that industry shit for you. The older she gets, the more desperate she becomes, and I’m not talking about Ledisi. That clock is ticking. All you get is two good decades and you are forgotten about if you aren’t careful. I’m a big fan of Beyonce man, but she knows her time is limited. Ask Mariah? That is if anyone knows where she is.

    1. ^i know ledisi was hurt.
      i can only imagine how it felt to watch that.

      and see,
      you can support b,
      but not agree with everything she does.
      imo that is a true supporter.

  12. Thief…. it’s so unfair that she didn’t let Ledisi have her moment..and her version was wayyyy overdone

    1. ^yeah i liked ledisi.
      b should have performed something from her album,
      or one of the 2 new tracks on the “50 shades of grey” soundtrack.

  13. you tell no lies Jamari. That was shady as hell and you tell the truth. Hands you bug repellent because the bee stings are coming. Thank God I have my Haz Mat suit on.

      1. I like Beyonce too…but not as much as I did with her first CD. With each subsequent release she progressively started to release the REAL, RATCHET chick she really is. “Sasha Fierce” is the real Beyonce; and the prim and proper chick we see is the phony. LOL

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