kanye tried to fool us that he was out the pits of the sunken place

so i think kanye might be “black” again.
keyword: think.
ever since he has been back in chicago,
the power of the possession has been dying slowly.
so he was featured this song with lil pump called “i love it”:

…which is a pretty cool song.
the video is very interesting too.
i sorta feel like i need to be high for the full effect.
he performed with lil pump last night on snl and well…
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“These Is Bloody Show” (Cardi B Has Something To Show Us)

ya know,
i don’t see this one lasting too long.
as much she wanted to be in the industry before,
she has been realizing it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.
cardi b has been lying for months about her mystery weight gain.
she been going at folks heavy on social media,
letting them know she was “getting fat in peace”.

yeah right.
well she debuted another clapback on snl last night via “tsr“…
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How To Have A (Alleged) Tantrum on Live TV

tumblr_lfa36wFOpc1qaycpjo1_400_largewhat is happening to ye?
these tantrums.
what is really happening?
check what page six said during ye’s appearance on “snl”…
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Beyonce Isn’t “Caucasian” Anymore?

Pepsiwhy they gonna play beyonce like this?
well like that^ and the following.
so one of my f-bi on tumblr directed me to this video from snl.
i think i lost my voice laughing so hard
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Lady Gaga and R. Kelly Do What They Want on SNL

tumblr_mwh9t7R8Ch1rpgfoho1_500so lady gaga hosted snl this weekend.
she invited special guest r kelly to take the stage with her.
okay, thats fine.
someone explain their performance of “do what u want” for me:

x click here to watch it

…because im absolutely confused.
is this what it has come to gaga?
should i also ask r kelly the same question as well?