“These Is Bloody Show” (Cardi B Has Something To Show Us)

ya know,
i don’t see this one lasting too long.
as much she wanted to be in the industry before,
she has been realizing it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.
cardi b has been lying for months about her mystery weight gain.
she been going at folks heavy on social media,
letting them know she was “getting fat in peace”.

yeah right.
well she debuted another clapback on snl last night via “tsr“…

cc: the shade room

i love how she was talking about her some cheating pineapple,
but debuted her whole pregnancy during the performance.
at least b was singing about “love on top” during hers…
who had the best celeb pregnancy debut ever,

cardi obviously thought we were all stupid.
i don’t know about you,
but she looked pregnant to me.
she didn’t do a good job of really hiding her stomach either.

cc: vogue

either way,
i can’t wait to see how this all plays out for her.
she came out with an album ya’ll are raving about,
but instead of booking gigs,
she’ll be concentrating on a new chapter of breast feeding.
sounds about right.
i hope she has a healthy and blessed pregnancy.

I wonder when the marriage is?

lowkey: i have never seen such a push for a mediocre artist before…

tupac tho?

something is up.
you can’t tell me there is an agenda with this whole cardi b thing.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on ““These Is Bloody Show” (Cardi B Has Something To Show Us)”

    1. This should help her with album sales, because she started out flopping on first day sales. I doubt Nicki has anything to worry about with debut album number comparisons. At first they stated Cardi went Gold on first day sales, then released some different numbers. I want to know, who are the people that are pushing her this hard, she even got Oprah campaigning for her, which let me know. Whoever it is, got some deep pockets, influence or both.

  1. Her album got some nice summer jams on it. I was pleasantly surprised. She screwed herself being a fourth baby mama for Offset’s a shy ass. But it’s hood love and all dat I guess.

  2. Never found anything remotely interesting about her. She’s one of those folks that get extra consideration because they are attractive…(and usually light skinned). Someone who I really didn’t care for at first earn d my respect very well. Her name is Rhianna. I like her now cause she doing big things and marketing herself properly.

    1. @Jammy…when she came out with Pon De Replay, and as much as I liked the song, I was like this is a one-hit wonder. Man did she prove me wrong. She kept pulling me in with each successive single. now I’ma big fan of hers.

      Don’t care for the Anti-album material, but everything before that I like.

      so far nothing Cardi B has released has gotten my attention. Maybe a remix might come along and get my attention, but for now, I can’t see what everyone else sees/hears…and is going crazy for,

      1. Cause they like to compare her and Nikki. I don’t listen to Nikki either but I hear there is nothing to compare. I’m just always baffled by how media (and fans) are willing to give people a chance cause they look cute. She does have a bubbly personality that reminds me of Left Eye. Couple the fact that she has “controversial” things surrounding her…since I saw her stripper video…I saw folks running to her defense but be ready to drag someone else in a minute about their past. Like I know some of the younger folks ( I’m not to much older…still a millennial 😂) are into this type of rap but it’s dense af to me…no flow, no rhythm. So body like Foxy Brown would rap circles around her. Hell, Id consider even Queen Latyfa before her…

        All these folks that come out now a days are trendy as hell…They are like seasons…ain’t no Michaels or Janet’s or 2Pacs theses days. Only one that has been around is Beyonce…I don’t listen to her either but at least she can put on a show.

        Cardi is probably popular cause she’s fresh..People like fresh things…and it seems she has a rag to riches..oh and the drama with her nigga and now the baby bump…This all sounds like a fairy tale. Then you have folks saying Good brought her to a higher place…and I’m trying to figure where the Lord is in her lyrics. People don’t be making no sense these days…just be saying stuff to defend people just because…but I mean it’s they money. They can support who they want. I’m just a person with a different opinion…(which these days will get you labled as a hater.)

  3. I’m a fan of hers. She has some good songs on the album. So many women have had babies at the height of their popularity and still achieved greatness. I’m rooting for her and I hope this is just the beginning of a great career for her.

  4. Didn’t see it for her musically, Still don’t see for her and never will see it for her. I say it’s a stretch calling her an artist. Knew she was lying about being pregnant from those tweets because i never trust the words of a clown.

  5. We all knew she was pregnant. I knew she would announce it this week because it was promo for the album.

    The way the media is dickriding this racially ambiguous chick is hilarious. And yes, people like her because she is new & fresh. But there is nothing grand about her music, people are currently feeding off her hype. That’s all. Her personality is her brand, but on the next album the whole personality thing will get old. That’s when her music is going to have to speak for itself. Her album is cute, but I wasn’t wowed. I feel like people are just jumping on the bandwagon because they’re also tired of Nicki.

    There is nothing about Cardi B’s music that is superior to Nicki’s. That’s why I said people are just looking for someone new which is why they latched onto her. That’s how the music industry works. People love you at first and then get tired of you eventually waiting for you to get replaced. All the celebs who loved Nic at 5/6 years ago are now on Cardi/s bandwagon. I doubt she will have the same amount of longevity as Nicki when it comes to music however she has the likeability factor and I think that’s what also helps her.

    Also, hip hop is clearly for everybody these days and within 5 years I predict the top 5 rappers will be non-black. But that’s none of my business.

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