A Demon Tried To Lure Me Into His Trap Last Night

as you know,
i’m living a life of peace and “getting my shit together”.
i have a few issues to work on,
but i’m getting in alignment with my “downstream” thinking.
well i got into a full blown argument last night…

…and i let the muthafucka have it in all that is peaceful.
mi was the last person i argued with.
i don’t like drama,
but i’ll stand in the fire if i needs too.
the argument was basically:

– a girlfriend putting a battery in my ex home wolf’s life
– him hearing my opinion on a situation between them and someone else
– me casually gibing my opinion and saying it wasn’t right on his part
– the person(s) i told running back and telling him
– him trying to check me

– me basically saying:

he was mad,
because unlike the others in that “clique”,
i didn’t agree and spoke up about it.
his mentality is:

“If you don’t agree with my opinion,
I’m gonna drop you from my circle”

guess who got dropped last night?
guess who didnt give a fuck?

guess who also went out gunz ablazing?
it’s not my fault he ruined another friendship because of his new vixen.
it’s also not my fault that she pumped up his chest with me,
only to hang up on me and un-follow on everything.
he got his minions to do the same.


i was proud of myself tho.
i’d end up looking stupid because i was in my emotions.
fighting in your emotions is like taking a gun and shooting everywhere.

 i been trained in target practice now.
i only started raising my voice because he was raising his.
he was saying “fuck you” and “who the fuck you think you are?”.
i didn’t cuss at him once.
not only that,
he called on some “3way” shit with the person who told him.
that’s what had me seeing black.
i felt he was trying to gang up on me.
after that and him legit trying to play “the victim”,
i didn’t let him get a word in edgewise.

“but ya know…”
“well he said…”
“i never said…”
“you said…”

had him sounding like a dj scratching a damn record.
trying to fuck up my saturday night with the bullshit.
they were all associates to me so whatever.

lowkey: that circle of his is getting real tiny.
by years end,
he ain’t gonna have anyone left.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “A Demon Tried To Lure Me Into His Trap Last Night”

  1. Yes…J, went in! Good for you!

    People who “runtellit” are shit-starters, and insecure people. They’re too weak to take accountability for their own word/actions, and then want to throw their “confidant” under the bus when the pressure of the situation is too much and get called on it.

    I RARELY use the word friend anymore. You have to show me through your ACTIONS, I no longer go by a person’s words. Been burned one time too many by so called “friends”. People throw that word around way too casually, and usually learn the hard way that the people they deal with are not their “friend” at all.

    I have very few people I fuck with now, and the drama-free life is so much better.

    1. ^RIGHT

      and the crazy part is,
      i had a few folks come to me saying they don’t fuck with him anymore.
      i’m not the one with that problem.
      he is.

      the person who ran and told him asked me opinion and i gave it.
      so he went and told him that i didn’t agree.
      he gonna say:

      “you didn’t come and say it to my face”

      i was asked my opinion and i gave it.
      and i even said when giving my opinion i’d have no problem telling him.
      it came up last night and still said everything so………

      i agree with you on “friends” too.
      i’m glad they never made me feel welcomed enough to be called a friend.

  2. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    It only takes once for someone to show you their true colors, you’re seeing that now. Keep doing you and the right true people will let themselves in your life.

  3. Men do this shit?!

    At times I do want more friends, but I don’t have the patience or the temperament for most shit.

  4. I alway say. if you have more than three friends. you in trouble. out of those friends. you probably got two true friends.

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