When You’re Surrounded By Inspiration (Friends)

i am always super happy for my friend’s successes.
i have seen all of them go from nothing to something.
pose is out here becoming an entrepreneur.
i went to an event she threw and was so impressed with how commanded the stage.
i’ve seen her struggles so it was emotional for me to see where she is now.
karaoke just has her first condo up for air bnb,
purchased another,
and just got engaged.
my other home-vixen got her first home.
the pretty vixen

i remember when she told me a while what she wanted.

a high rise
a doorman
poppin’ neighborhood

she didn’t have the means for it then,
but she lived the life she wanted before she got it.
i watched her rise up the corporate ladder where she makes over 100k a year now.
well she just moved into a luxury high rise with EVERYTHING she asked for.
i went over to her crib today to see it and nearly fainted.
she has:

many different places to host parties
movie screening room
full service kitchen/bbq pit
pool table

i put most of my tour of her new spot in my ig stories.
i’ll link below.
it made me feel so inspired.
don’t get me wrong,
i’m truly grateful for all i have,
but she is living the life i dream of.
one thing i love about all my friends is they’re all living their best lives.
love might be an issue for some,
but they have all made themselves happy through hard work and luck.
they also manifested their current lives through the “law of attraction”.

one day,
i will be where i want to be.
i will have a beautiful:


material things

it’s done.
God has blessed me with constant motivation as i go/dream.

lowkey: the best part?
each one of my friends are black.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “When You’re Surrounded By Inspiration (Friends)

  1. Jamari you’re one hell of a writer. You get up here almost everyday and give us these great blogs, that showcase from a range of wolves, life, love, mental health, fashion, everyday living, etc, everyone can’t do that, that’s truly a gift you have Jamari. I honestly hope you can find everything you desire soon. PS: I agree with what you wrote last month about moving. Relocating to another state could possibly open up many doors.

  2. Speaking of “friendships”, I’m wondering how many gay men actually support their platonic male friends? I’m just sitting here wondering if I could’ve done anything differently in my quest to have a band of friends we often see in romantic black comedy films. Over the past 3 decades, all of my platonic friendships with gay black men inevitably failed. Without any single meltdown moment to blame, I can simply assume that it was due to my professional and social progress over the years… (perhaps I was the one who changed. I dunno).. I could be wrong but jealously and envy are mainstays among gay men. Maybe I need to be more open to friendships with females going forward. I’m emotionally exhausted with the mental gymnastics needed when dealing with gay black men.

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