I’ll Take An Order of “Check That Asshole/Get This Booty Later”

there is a few things that turn me on with wolves.
you know a boucin’ pecs drives me crazy.
strong hands get to me.
i imagine them palming my whole tail.
a nice tail to hold onto while he is thrusting into me>>>
this tho…

A wolf defending his own

just now,
as i was on the train coming home,
there was about to be an all out brawl.
i was listening to music,
but i saw all this commotion starting to happen that i paused.
you gotta be aware because you just don’t know…
well it had something to do with a seat.
a vixen was sat down in a seat and older latina vixen was going for.
this older latino wolf,
who i assumed was the older vixen’s husband,
jumped in screaming and had his finger in the vixen’s face.
what he didn’t realize was the vixen’s man was right across from her.
when i font that her boyfriend started taking off all his shit.
i knew it was about to be a problem.
he took his headphones out his ears and pulled his coat off.

you talk to my girl like that again and ima put two shots in ya chest…”

i was delirious.
he wasn’t some work out warrior wolf either.
he was just a regula degula who wasn’t with the shits.
his vixen sat there and looked at her phone with that proud look.
the pussy was his when they got home.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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