Cash Out Gets Some Alleged Pipe Leakage

*the following entry is rated a STRONG xxx
parental advisory is HEAVILY advised


i mean,
we knew it would be “a juggernaut dick”.
we knew it would be a “gut mangler”.
we knew he would be the new upcoming emoji responses of:

“how did it go last night???
did you guys fuck???”
– text sent

text received:

we kneeewwww it would be a “where do you think that’s going?”.
how do you even get that thing in your mouth?
my only question is with his sex tape leakage


( x see it here )
her vagina must run super deep.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Cash Out Gets Some Alleged Pipe Leakage”

  1. I am just coming down from Safari’s reveal…. now you gonna spring this on me… i’m calling SVU on yo ass Jamari.

      1. @Jamari and everybody. lol Do anyone have a membership to SlapMyFatty IG? I tried to get one but they were making it wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too hard esp. since you have to pay $5 for the membership and add’l fee to view pictures. I thought that they were gonna do an OnlyFan page but apparently it was too difficult for them. Hell, I want to know who’s pics they have. lol Hell, nobody is posting them on tumblr. lol

        @J. we and I mean you. lol Need to find a way to add a group/chat option. lol

  2. That is too fucking much. lol There’s nothing pleasurable having something that big inside of you. lol

  3. this is the type of dick that if he were to ask “what you gon’ do w/ all this?” the response is a swift put it back in your pants and wish you good luck.

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