Stephon Clark Was A Superstar and His Family Needs Red Carpet Treatment

so stephon clark‘s death is becoming a shit show.
his family members are out here WYLDIN!
his brother,
ste’vante clark,
is a hot whole mess.
yeah i fonted it…
so ste’vante has been out here on the protest heavy,
but he thinks the family needs some basic needs for their troubles.
this is what a vix-bi sent me that he allegedly requested…

and these are some of the comments to back it up:

i’m fontless.
i’m literally doing ^that face.
i understand he wants justice for his brother,

Why does he need two to four hot meals and a personal assistant?

ya know foxhole,
i could be wrong,
but it’s better for others to step forward with these things.
i’m all for asking and demanding for things you want,
but for a situation like this,
the public would award you things like this if they feel fit.
asking for personal assistants and stylists is tacky af.
this is to me tho.
i don’t have too much hope for ste’vante after these tho:

i swear,
^this is me with my breakfast typing this up this morning.
he is passionate and has every right to be,
but i’m sensing something a little off about ste’vante.
just a little.

lowkey: was the families of trayvon martin,
sandra bland,
michael brown,

and eric garner awarded these things?????

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Stephon Clark Was A Superstar and His Family Needs Red Carpet Treatment”

  1. Stephon Clark was an Uncle Tom. You can’t be an Uncle Tom while alive and then reformed in death or when in trouble. So dead Stephon Clark deserves the same treatment as Clarence Thomas and OJ Simpson—being marked as verbotten–forbidden and forgotten by decent black society.

  2. Hate to say it, but they ain’t shit.

    Stephon’s anti-black tweets definitely made me feel some type of way.

  3. Yeah, that brother is a little off. Not sure if that’s his norm or if his brother’s death pushed him off the edge, but he needs help for real

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