So Ya’ll Wanted This ATL Housewife Gone and They Granted It ( #RHOA )

you know i’m bad at reality tv.
i fucks heavy with a good drama or comedy.
i watched “lhhmia” for two episodes and was done with that.
good because i can actually become a fan of amara le negra.
i watched one episode of this last season of “rhoa”.
it was the fight with kenya and kim.
over it after that.
i pretty much catch up with all their antics on social media.
kinda like how i deal with the kardashians.
well two atl housewives are allegedly getting the boot for season 11.
“b scott” tells us who…

Sheree Whitfield has been fired from Bravo’s ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ — again.

Sources exclusively tell that Sheree has gotten the boot and won’t be returning for season 11.

If you’re wondering about Kim Zolciak, sources tell us that she won’t be returning next year either. She wasn’t an official ‘housewife’ for season 10, so technically she didn’t get fired — she just won’t be asked to film.

Kenya was on the chopping block, but thanks to her pregnancy announcement, fiery reunion drama and her husband’s willingness to film she’ll be back.

Eva Marcille is still in the running to become an official housewife next season, but new peaches have yet to be issued.

NeNe, Cynthia, Porsha, and Kandi are all expected to return.

i’m shocked porsha is still around.
ya know,
i wanted sheree to come back to the show.
from ya’ll tweets during the episodes,
she was so much up kim’s tail for whatever reason.
out here dating alleged jailbirds and shit.
she look at her.
with that big ass castle to pay for,
and no other signs of income in sight.

her life keeps me up at night.
 i swear it does.

lowkey: so kenya is pregnant 4real?
along with cynthia and kandi,
are the only folks i can deal with on that show.
i think that show might need to end tho.
i heard last season was terrible.

article cc: b scott

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “So Ya’ll Wanted This ATL Housewife Gone and They Granted It ( #RHOA )”

  1. I’m shocked their getting rid of Sheree, because she kept up so much drama.

    HONESTLY, I’m kind of tired of Nene. She’s always picking fights with people. Give Phaedra her peach, and Eva who???

  2. Tyrone ain’t gonna deal with her anymore once he gets out. His “golden parachute” is now unemployed. He MIGHT stick around to shack up for a minute, but you know he’s gonna be samplin’ the ATL goods once he gets outta jail!
    Sorry bruh, no TV time for you! LOL

    I’m surprised they didn’t keep her, based on the fact that she’s dealing with a jailbird and NeNe talking shyt about him behind her back. I guess she didn’t have much to offer the show anymore. Whatever happened with her clothing line?

  3. Sheree wasn’t the same as she was in the first few seasons. She was trying real hard to create drama and kissing Kim’s ass. Now had she aligned herself with everyone else, she’d likely still be around.

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