Tyrone Hankerson Jr Might End Up Rich After All That Dragging

he made it all the way to cbs ya’ll.
so tyrone hankerson jr is trying to clear his name.
“what you won’t do…” i’m sure he said.
well tyrone is looking forward to a paycheck from all this stress.
he is about to sue howard university and here is why…

The student at the center of the Howard University financial aid scandal is planning to sue the university for $10 million for leaking his financial records.

Tyrone Hankerson Jr.’s lawyer, James Walker, tells WAMU that he’s drafted a lawsuit that he expects to file in D.C. Superior court later Friday.

this is his interview with cbsn earlier this week:

i mean…

Where are the others who also were allegedly involved?

tyrone is the face of all this.
if he is innocent in all this,
he’s about to get a nice retirement cushion after his career aspirations.
he is gonna carry that scarlet “SCAM” on his chest forever tho.
he could as well get paid and disappear after this is said and done.

lowkey: he is handsome…

article cc: wamu

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Tyrone Hankerson Jr Might End Up Rich After All That Dragging”

  1. He’s not going to get $10 mil…but I’m sure he will get a settlement out of it, because there was a breach of confidentiality. Outside of that…I hope he can prove that he didn’t have a part in this entire scam. Going on the news is one thing…but you leave yourself open to so much more scrutiny when you do. He should’ve proven his innocence first, THEN gone on the TV interview circuit. THEN try to collect a payday.
    Or at least let your lawyer do the initial talking!

    This comes across as him trying to cash in on his 15 minutes of fame…if you wann call it that.

  2. The University never leaked it but I’m sure his jilted lover, ex boyfriend or other did. Howard will settle so this whole thing can go away. They don’t stay in scandal long

  3. Don’t allow yourselves to feel badly for this stunt queen. I’ve dealt with many elitist queens just like him from HBCUs who stunt for a living. Tell me how a “serious” law school student places value on striking poses on instagram while pretending to be rich? He will follow the footsteps of many arrogant queens before him by joining the NAACP, Urban League and other Black organizations under the guise of fighting for the disadvantaged. But in truth, stunt queens like him look down their noses on blacks who are undereducated and underprivileged. I’ve f*cked many uppity Kappas in the azz who reminds me of this queen.

    Chyle…… I can’t no moe…..😗

    1. The Kappas are uppity as fuck and deserved to be fucked. I dont know what in their hazing process turns them out, but they are some freaks and love getting fucked!

    2. He’s pretty typical of the elitists I’ve encountered in D.C., where your degree and fraternity and image is everything.

      Kappas in the south honestly aren’t that arrogant, but the ones on the East coast are unbearable.

  4. He done fucked, sucked and swallowed his way to CBS. Milan and Black Chyna’s str8 gay sugar baby about to call up this dude for lessons in finessing people… and then some.

  5. That boy is a malignant narcissist. He could stab someone to death in an arena in front of thousands and would deny it. He’s going to go down fighting even after his tacky behind is proven guilty.

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