Kim Kardashian and South West Make Their Debut Finally

tumblr_mqad14Ir8j1qigaaqo1_500everyone meet the new kim kardashian.
well she is below the drop.
nick name: motherhood.
she and south… east… north west finally made their debut today…

well i love that hermes bag she is carrying.
dare i say she looks good.
ye looks happy.
the nanny looks even happier for that check i’m sure she receives.
north west is probably spitting up under that blanket.
this is a great pr move on their part.
no high heels or huge make up.
no dramatic weight loss.
just kim looking like a mommy with a smiling kanye (the biggest shocker).
peep the matching shoes.
well played kris!
well played.
better than this foolishness:

insane-mom-advice-7^that video killlllllled me.
wtf was she crying for?

acting like she doesn’t see kim when she walks in the door.

see more at: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian and South West Make Their Debut Finally”

  1. I heard they had an armored car made so there wouldn’t be any attempts made on the baby’s life.Because, you know, she’s the new Messiah of the human race and will save us from destruction.All jokes aside, I’m surprised they have her out like that.The photographer is letting them know that Assassins can be right around the corner watching them setting up a clear shot and they don’t even know it.I was talking to my mom and she said she thinks Kim is waiting to show the baby when she’s cute and not that pale alien feature-less eyebrow-less looking thing most babies look like when they’re first born.

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