ya’ll really hate jk rowling huh?

you know,
i only watched 3 harry potter movies so far.
i can’t even remember the 3rd one (hell, all of them).
i’ll need to revisit on a future date.
i know many of ya’ll read the books and watched the movies,
but almost everyone has turned on the author,
jk rowling.
it seems many within the trans community have turned on her.
i didn’t know why until i caught up about it —> ( x here ).
she has been “canceled” depending on who you ask,
but folks still showed up at her house to randomly protest as of recent.

“Don’t be a Cissy”?

they legit had her address exposed in ^that picture they took.
those 3 individuals got dragged for being so wreckless and it caused jk to speak out

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your home should feel cozy

as you know,
i want my own home.
i’m gonna get a sign made on it called:

The Den

like dicks,
i don’t want it too big.
since it’s just gonna be “me“,
i don’t need a mansion.

sidebar: can i tell you how i loved franklin’s new crib in gta?

when i use to play that,
i’d imagine it was me living there.
i gotta play this game again. 

a townhouse or condo would actually be perfect for this little fox.
a foxholer sent me the following crib and i’m like…

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ya’ll need to respect james charles boundaries

i don’t think many people forget what that means.
i get you are a fan of your favorite celeb/online presence,
but to show up at their crib?
without even an invite?
make up guru,
james charles,
recently experienced fans/stans not respecting his boundaries.
this is what he tweeted
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I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (82)

i believe in taking a dump before you leave the crib.
you never know when that familiar tingle of butt destruction will happen.
you can’t clench your butt cheeks tight enough for that.
when you gotta go; you gotta go.
well this amazon hyena allegedly had the runs while on a run.
i guess she couldn’t hold it anymore because via ny daily news
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