regardless of how old people are,
many people want to fit in.
acceptance is a big deal in hollywood and even in the hood.
i know folks who will spend their last dollar to fit in.
i was one of those people right after my mother passed.
i quickly realized that when i fell,
i was removed from circles and mailing lists.
it seems todrick hall has allegedly been doing a lot to fit in.
 he owes money in back rent on a crib to stunt with the normies…

“…The “Celebrity Big Brother” alum’s landlords are suing him for $60,000 in unpaid rent, Us Weekly reported Thursday.

Hall, 36, had agreed to pay $30,000 a month for a five-bedroom, eight-bathroom house in Sherman Oaks, Calif., but failed to cough up the money in February and March, according to the civil complaint filed Tuesday and obtained by the magazine.

Owners Avi and Orna Lavian claimed to have served the YouTuber with a pay-or-quit notice on March 3 by giving it to another occupant of the house, per the filing.

In addition to the $60,000, the landlords requested attorney fees, forfeiture of the agreement, damages of $1,000 per day and “all other relief the court deems just and reasonable,” Us Weekly reported.

the worst part of it all:

Hall posted an 11-minute video to YouTube in February 2021 of himself giving a tour of a massive home, which includes a private movie theater, an infinity pool, an elevator, a walk-in closet and many more amenities.

However, in the video, he claimed he had bought the house, so it is unclear whether it is the same one he is being sued over.

this is the video in question:–oMuijqP1M

if that is the video about the crib in question:


So many people do this type of shit to look like they are ballin’ tf out.

…only to find out it’s rented or it was owned by a rich friend.
they’ll take a picture of someone’s parked car claiming it’s theirs.
you can lie all day but don’t get caught.
the good news tho?
todrick might distract us with an ass shot to help us forget.

lowkey: todrick has been slippin’ lately.
whats going on with him?

lowkey: page six


  1. Sad part is a lot of these folks on IG and YouTube are out here playing like they are so rich and living extravagant lifestyles…and that ain’t the case AT ALL.
    Look at that couple who claimed they owned that big ass mansion, but it’s now in foreclosure and they are both being sued out the ying-yang for different enterprises they got involved in, that didn’t go anywhere. They were even asking folks for money for their wedding. With every donation, that person’s name gets put into a raffle and the winner gets the VIP treatment for their wedding.
    These mofos actually acting like they are superstars! LMAO

  2. The crazy part about it he only fell behind twoonths which means the months previously before that he was paying them 30K every month, so why not just get something more in your range and put that 30K to use for someone you actually own instead of trying to stunt? Hell he could’ve still found a nice 10 – 15K spot a month and still “stunted” if that was his desires? I just don’t get it…

  3. He allegedly has not paid some of his dancers, among other f*ckery. If he keeps this up he is going to send what remains of his career completely down the drain!

  4. I just cannot see any “Rich” man Black, or White being attracted to him enough to sponsor him.[ I am trying to be nice here ]

    Ms. Hall is not the “Kept Man” material.

    You know the type:
    Works out
    Big D – -K
    Can mix it up in Mixed crowds etc.

    He may find the white male who has influence that can open doors ,but why go to Miss Hall when you can pick from so many other hotter men.

    (I didn’t make these rules up guys. Yawl know the type of guys get sponsors from Rich Gays )

    1. ^ sheesh and here i am shocked he isn’t tickling the balls of some old rich white male.

      what’s the difference between him and the more feminine gay males who become sugar babies?

      there are many fem atl gay black males who are pulling rich males and celebs.
      maybe he doesn’t have game all like that?

  5. I am reading that Taylor and him are not that connected anymore.

    A quick google of net worth puts him at $4M. That house is probably like $6M+.

    One could find a nice place that are within means. But as I am reading comments on other forums…. Stunt Queen is the best description of this fuckery.

    He was probably depending on that Big Brother check to cover rent. Then he broke his contract and CBS didn’t pay him.

    1. ^ damn todrick.
      you lost the taylor connect?

      he has all these pictures on his ig of him with performing.
      one would think he was more responsible.

  6. I wonder why he cannot find or if he is looking for a African American man with money who could augment his lifestyle. There are many very wealthy, good looking Brothers in the circle in which he travels, I am assuming.
    Where are the billionaires who are white? Jann Wenner and the ultra rich Hollywood producers and others that would love having a Black Mandingo or Mandigette?
    I am surprised Todrick does not have a “Sponsor” wealthy enough to purchase a few cars and homes for him. He seems to go for the broke pretty trailer park glazed White guys.

    1. ^ i thought he was connected with taylor swift.
      she has her head on straight and her shit tends to be in order.

      what’s happening with him?

    2. Chile, Todrick is allergic to black men. He will only have tea parties and play dress up with them.

    3. He’s too extra at times for anyone with any serious wealth. Queenin is only funny for a moment before it’s annoying. Plus, I think he also likes control—unfortunately he can’t control someone with money.

  7. When he did the house tour something told me that he didn’t buy it (not saying that he doesn’t have money) but it seemed really off. Especially when he was asking his fans to help him buy furniture and other stuff for that rental.

    1. Not just furniture, cat food and cleaning supplies. It was so sad. I’m confused how everyone thought he purchased the crib when a simple taxation search shows the name of the owners.

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