your home should feel cozy

as you know,
i want my own home.
i’m gonna get a sign made on it called:

The Den

like dicks,
i don’t want it too big.
since it’s just gonna be “me“,
i don’t need a mansion.

sidebar: can i tell you how i loved franklin’s new crib in gta?

when i use to play that,
i’d imagine it was me living there.
i gotta play this game again. 

a townhouse or condo would actually be perfect for this little fox.
a foxholer sent me the following crib and i’m like…

who tf lives in something this massive?
if you’re a bachelor,
i’m gonna look at you stupid crazy.
i can’t even see a family of 4 living in there.
i’d legit be charging rent to live in there.
i feel like cribs like ^that aren’t cozy.
i’m all about the cozy.
mood lighting,
and no clutter.
i like creating atmosphere and zen.
i’m writing this listening to mozart in the dark with a candle.
if i choose to invite guests or a wolf i’m dating over,

i want them to feel like they walked in a “home”,
ya know?
like in that video,
always strike me as cold.

lowkey: you gotta listen to soul music in a cozy spot.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “your home should feel cozy”

  1. That compound is str8 RIDIC! I’d love to have a smaller version or a nice house that incorporates some of the ideas on a smaller/less expensive scale.

    Is this too cozy for ya?

    I think I can toootally live there, esp if I was out in the wilderness like them cause you wouldn’t feel like you’re constrained when you literally have the wild open at your doorstep.

    1. ^you know whats crazy?
      i could live there too.
      that looks and feels so peaceful.

      although trying to get a wolf to come through would probably be a pain.

      “nah take a right down that dark ass forest road.
      i’m serious…”

  2. Such a timely post… I have been watching these Vids on YT as well.

    You right… a single bachelor looks odd in a place like that.

    Then I have to remember, in the right (or wrong) hands makes people do odd shit. It makes billionaires buy massive mansion – it’s just them and the staff… 20 multi-millions dollar vehicles – you can’t drive them all at once… It’s all about the Flex.

    1. Which is what I will never understand. these millionaires (or wanna be millionaires) buy these big ass homes and luxurious fast cars…that you can’t drive the way they’re supposed to be driven. They’re not made for these roads…and speed limits. LOL

      As for living in these huge homes, and it’s just you, or maybe you and your family of three and you have this ginormous home. It’s crazy. With a home like the one in the video, you’d need family or friends to stay there with you. Then that would get old REAL QUICK…especially if they nasty as hell! LOL

      I guess it’s to say I got the money to buy this (or I want you to think that). Been seeing a LOT of so called millionaires in neighboring communities having their homes foreclosed/seized. I guess it’s all about image.

      1. ^when they could just get a nice condo or townhouse and buy homes in different states.
        or buy one home,
        depending on the size of the family,
        and make it luxurious with all the fixings.

        too bad it’s all about the flex.
        i’d rather be comfortable.

  3. As a new homeowner I can tell you that it is nothing like the peace of knowing that the space you live in you actually own. After years of living in apartments one of the best things to me is having a garage and not having to look for a parking space when I come in late at night like I use to do when I lived in apartments. That massive compound featured here looks more like a Hotel and I can not imagine any one family living there and being happy because in a space that big you would literally never have to see other family members. The only way I would like to own something that massive is when I would have a big party and have enough room to have guest stay overnight. I am sure whoever purchase this is probably only going to use this for events and not actually live there or I guess some Billionaire may purchase it just to having bragging rights of living in a Bel Air mansion.

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