when you get dragged for trying to drag dez bryant

nfl baller chocolate wolf and foxhole fav,
dez bryant,
is still fine af.
a little cray,
so people can be ignorant af.
this is why we can’t have nice things.
pictures and dms are the new “autograph”.
it’s a privelege for a celeb or baller wolf to pose for a picture.
a lurking jackal asked dez for a picture one night and well…

i see his ignorant ass didn’t get in the full shot.

Why did he even ask for a picture if he was gonna be shady?

that is such a waste of energy.
dez ended up giving the full story on twitter:

i appreciate how kind dez was about it.
you know he can go tf in.
a slight drag,

his stans are ( x dragging that asshole on twitter ) too.
it’s that type of ignorance that ruins things for everyone else.
he could deny true fans the experience of photo.

lowkey: so yeah,
back to how fine he is…

nice tail.
i love his bawdy and what he does to achieve it…

i love a wolf in this position…

i continue to love your work
keep it up.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “when you get dragged for trying to drag dez bryant”

  1. Dez responded to this shadiness with class. Remember when he started, he had some real issues he was dealing with. His mother is an out lesbian, and Dez came around to supporting but still admitted not liking that she was gay. Then he got busted for attacking her, but they appear to have patched things up and he’s spoken out about his own domestic abuse. He’s a beautiful brotha and is very talented athlete.

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