how to allegedly not get away with a potential murder of a 10-year-old

look at this dynamic duo of disgusting.
i’m fonting you foxhole…

Folks be crrrrrrrrrrrrrrazy!

a foxholer sent me this story and i legit gasped.
so ^those two hyenas allegedly hired a hitman to kill a 10-year-old.
i can’t even... via “people“…

A Missouri teaching assistant accused of raping a then 7-year-old student allegedly plotted with another man to kill the child and his mother so the boy wouldn’t testify, PEOPLE confirms.

Deonte Taylor, 36, and Michael Johnson, 66, were each charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and two counts of tampering or attempting to tamper with a victim, a St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney’s Office spokesperson tells PEOPLE.

Taylor has entered a not guilty plea.

The alleged crimes took place between Feb. 7 and Feb. 26, according to a criminal complaint obtained by PEOPLE. During that time, Taylor and Johnson allegedly worked together to have someone murder the boy and his mother.

In Nov. 2018, Taylor was charged with three counts of first-degree statutory sodomy with a child, according to court records.

The documents allege Taylor asked someone identified only as “C.I.” to murder the boy and asked Johnson to pay C.I., which Johnson did.

In 2015, Taylor was a teaching assistant at Lusher Elementary School in the Hazelwood School District, the St. Louis Dispatch, KSDK and KMOV4 report. Authorities allege Taylor took the then 7-year-old victim from his classroom and brought him to another classroom to sexually assault him.

this part high key bugged me:

Even though the child immediately reported the crime to authorities, police did not arrest Taylor until 2018, after the boy reported the initial incident again, according to KSDK.

he was still teaching at another school because he passed their backround check.
background checks don’t always find “pervert“.
it’s gonna get to a point parents are gonna home school their cubs.
even though it doesn’t allow them to interact with others,
i don’t blame them.
these jackals and hyenas are wild af out here.
that poor child in this story is going to need insane amounts of therapy.
i hope he is getting it.

lowkey: hollywood is weird.
they have enough material for some good movies,
yet they keep pumping out remakes and shit we don’t ask for.
you can’t make some of this shit up.

article cc: people

14 thoughts on “how to allegedly not get away with a potential murder of a 10-year-old

  1. This is a disgusting story. There would be no need to hire a hit man if the act never happened in the first place. I am tired of these people stealing the innocence of young children.

    1. Naw, no need to spend that much money… a trip nice trip to the worst Jamaican prison (no offense to Jamaicans, ijs) will do the trick!

  2. I know this does not ease the trauma that this poor child has been through, but I hope the mother sues the school district for every penny she can get. There is no excuse for a child to be in a school’s care of custody and be heinously violated like that.

  3. Beyond horrific. And Missouri is a crazy, racist, homophobic state, so they will most certainly deal with both of these two skumbags as brutally as the law allows.

  4. I’ve seen several articles that say this teacher has HIV.New York Daily News claims an additional charge of knowingly exposing someone to HIV was added.I hope he gets a long prison sentence.

    1. Plus they don’t even need the kids testimony since this idiot left behind DNA evidence on the kid and his clothes. The murder plot is just evil and overkill.

    2. His ass won’t survive in jail if the inmates get to him. He’s done.
      Karma’s a bitch.

  5. The world we live in. Just goes to show you how things are changing. To be this evil…and the funny thing about this…these are the type of people you probably run into every single day & not know it.

      you fall out with someone and they will have you murdered.
      you gotta have all eyes open these days.

      1. You ain’t never lying and don’t always trust folks that be smiling all in your face either. Folks these days have egos and we’re in this highly sensitive culture where folks get offended if the wind blows the wrong way.

        It pisses me off someone would do this & to a child…you take that child’s innocence and then plot to rob them of their life? Just like seriously? I’mma bout to log off cause it’s making my head hurt.

        1. ^this is why i keep my circle small.
          even tho that’s not always 110% foolproof,
          i have rocked with most of my friends for years.
          most are going on 10+.

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