more job bullshit; another tasty pitcher of lemonade

“I had my ups and downs, but I always find the inner strength to pull myself up. I was served lemons, but I made lemonade.”

i’m grateful for all the shit i been through.
i’ve been fucked pretty hard in my past that i’m almost numb to pain now.
i use to get depressed when things went wrong.
i want to make a big pitcher of lemonade and indulge.

this could be before or after i make my enemies my footstools.
so i found out they’re interviewing folks to replace me…

…and in the shadiest way possible.
you know how the white she-jackals operate.
it’s always full of passive aggression and all around treachery.
they smile in your face,
but secretly plot against you in the background.


these are the two villains in my current story.
everyone in the support staff hates them,
but they are allowed to be vile because they have big allies.
folks who cause hell usually do.
thank God i have my own allies that told me what was happening.
who knew when i asked to take a day off two weeks ago,
these two bitches couldn’t wait to conduct interviews?
the brunette,
who is my supervisor,
was offended i was even at work today.
i’m pretty contagious,
but i know this job isn’t the most understanding.
i came to work,
but she was upset “i’d get the whole office sick“.
so which is it,

You either want me to come to work or stay home?

if i stayed home,
that would have been an issue.
if i’m forced to come to work,
everyone is getting sick.
she was pressing hard for me to go home this morning.
i’m no fool.
she didn’t know that i knew about the interviews.
the look on her face was of concern,
stuttering and blabbering all over the place,
but i know how to spot a “fake bitch” a mile away.

“lemonade” came out in 2016.
around that time:

work wolf turned on me
mi was tormenting me
my job stress was at an all-time high

it was a bad time in my life,
but “lemonade” was what my soul needed at the time.

i listened to that shit for hours on repeat everyday.
who knew,
on the day it would be released to all streaming platforms…

It would be on heavy rotation in my life again?

time to get the pitcher.

8 thoughts on “more job bullshit; another tasty pitcher of lemonade

  1. Jamari, you will look back at your life, and be like I made it through y’all. Life can break us down sometimes, but hang in there Jamari better days are ahead for you. And screw those women. Keep your cool and find yourself something else.

    1. ^better days are coming!
      i truly feel it.
      i refuse to feel sad over a job like this.
      this was only temporary anyway.
      another adventure awaits.

  2. You be going thru it. It gotta get better at some point tho!!! Keep hanging in there.

  3. You sound like blanche devereaux when she thought she created a new language, sickly. Get well soon. And Why do you speak in code so much. I’m a cop and even I be lost understanding you sometimes.

      1. When he says “created a new language” and “speak in codes” I think he’s referring to using fox-tionary terms like wolf, she-jackals,hyenas,etc.
        I may be wrong 😂

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