ya’ll need to respect james charles boundaries

i don’t think many people forget what that means.
i get you are a fan of your favorite celeb/online presence,
but to show up at their crib?
without even an invite?
make up guru,
james charles,
recently experienced fans/stans not respecting his boundaries.
this is what he tweeted

that screams:


…to me.
what would possess someone to just show up at his spot?
they violated.
did they think he’d invite them in for dinner?
i’m confused.
not only that,
it’s all kinds of “harassment” and restraining order banishment.
that is a level of crazy i don’t want to understand.
folks better be glad he doesn’t own a gun.
i’m sure they’d warn the rest after running from a hail of bullets.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “ya’ll need to respect james charles boundaries”

    1. He is. I’m questioning as to why he’s circus act looking ass is even being featured here lol. Google “James Charles Africa Ebola”.
      He is racist white trash!

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