he pulled my penis right outta my sexy underwear without my permission

*the following entry is rated r with triggering imagery.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

it’s no surprise that some males are wild animals when it comes to someone sexy.
they will go outta their way to touch your merchandise like they own the joint.
you see how difficult it is out here for vixens.

my friend was just telling me how some jackals were howling at her as she walked by.


they had no fucks to give and I wonder what would have happened if she was alone?
even when you’re at a strip club,
they tell you not to touch any of the strippers unless requested.
so when foxholers sent me the following video today,
I had one question…

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my father violated me tonight.

we all weren’t blessed in life to pick our parents.
if so,
i would have picked a father who isn’t a liar and coward.
caribbean fathers have a tendency to be the worst.
my father and i have had a very distant relationship over the years,
even when i was a kid in barbados.
it was all due to the issues between my grandmother and him.
he was only used to buy me school uniforms and haircuts.
i’ll never forget going out with him as a kid and one of his friends saying how “soft” i looked.
deep down inside,
my father knew that i would be gay but didn’t want to admit it at the time.
when we had an honest conversation a few years ago,
i revealed my sexuality to him and he claimed he already knew.
he let me know that i was his son and that he would accept me.
things took a different turn during a phone call we had…

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ya’ll need to respect james charles boundaries

i don’t think many people forget what that means.
i get you are a fan of your favorite celeb/online presence,
but to show up at their crib?
without even an invite?
make up guru,
james charles,
recently experienced fans/stans not respecting his boundaries.
this is what he tweeted
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Justin Brent’s Pipe Game May Just Get Him In Trouble

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 9.09.26 AMlooks like pre baller wolf,
justin brent,
and his sex life may learn today.

so as you know,
he is allegedly ( x “dating” porn star lisa ann ).
he took her to a knicks game and all that jazz.
well when this picture was posted…
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