Justin Brent’s Pipe Game May Just Get Him In Trouble

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 9.09.26 AMlooks like pre baller wolf,
justin brent,
and his sex life may learn today.

so as you know,
he is allegedly ( x “dating” porn star lisa ann ).
he took her to a knicks game and all that jazz.
well when this picture was posted…

Justin-Brent-Lisa-Ann-in-Bed…one of which looked like he beat the same night,
he forgot that his school doesn’t approve of “smashin’ good times”.
yardbarker broke it down for us:

If Brent and Lisa Ann actually did the deed, he could be in plenty of trouble. The reason: He’s a student at Notre Dame.

Here’s a quote from Notre Dame’s “Standards of Conduct” which is detailed on the school’s website.

“The University embraces the Catholic Church’s teaching that a genuine and complete expression of love through sex requires a commitment to a total living and sharing together of two persons in marriage. Consequently, students who engage in sexual union outside of marriage may be subject to referral to the University Conduct Process.”

There’s a wide range of possible punishments following meetings and administrative hearings. He could be forced to issue an apology. He could receive a warning, lose some university privileges, be placed on disciplinary probation or even expelled, according to Notre Dame’s “Conduct Process Outcomes.”

what is god going to think?
this is looking to be a bit of a mess.
god forbid this is all a big ploy for attention.
why do i feel like justin is a ratchet?
i mean you have to be parading a porn star out in public.
this one strikes me as he is going to fuck things up in full ratchet glory.
i’m starting to wonder…

Is he a potential foxhole favorite in the making?

lowkey: something about this all seems of off to me.
my foxy senses are blaring for some reason.
oh and lisa ann had this to say about dating this pre baller wolf on twitter:

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 9.30.25 AMand she also had an interview:

…she seems cool and down to earth.
plus we have that whole “we like baller wolves” thing in common.
i wonder who else she has let smash?
i’m interested in hearing.

quote taken: yardbarker

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Justin Brent’s Pipe Game May Just Get Him In Trouble”

  1. i didn’t know Notre Damn had catholic views…WOW you learn something new everyday and they are also a big party school…lol the IRONY i tell you

  2. I hope that his parents give him the guidance that he appears to be lacking. Notre Dame should call him in and call his parents in too.

    If he screwed a woman 24 years his senior or a woman his same age or had sexual relations with anyone, that is a matter of private concerns and should not be posted online. And this is analagous to masturbation. Masturbation is a private matter!

    1. Jay, you’re right. More men have been through her than trains have been through Grand Central Station but it’s still new to the young whippersnapper. New and available.

      But again: Where are his parents? If he’s 18, he’s likely legal but WTF!

  3. I just checked http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ages_of_consent_in_North_America#Indiana and he’s legal in New York and Indiana. He’s young with a strong back and she probably has his strung-out on that pussy. He’s probably hitting it like a MLB player at batting practice. And she can probably suck dick like a gay man! He’s in hog heaven! She probably has does Kegel exercised to keep it tight as having a tight pussy is how she makes her money.

    Oh well. But still: Where are his parents?

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