King James Works Out (HARD)

tumblr_ndw5j1wpEk1soy54oo1_500its no secret king james has to work his ass off to achieve that body.
the wonderful mountain of wolf that he is.
i saw a commercial with him getting his fitness on for beats by dre and well…

attachmenti love to watch a wolf puttin’ in work in the gym.
  muscles contracting.
  unintentional sex faces.
it turns me all the way on.
hell i’m in full hd horny right now.
king james has a serious work out situation going on tho.
here is another with him doing pilates earlier this year when he was with miami:

i can’t even deal…
the nba makes is return october 28th.
be there.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “King James Works Out (HARD)”

  1. that commercial was powerful…what i love about Lebron, even more so than his nice physique, is his morals, his spirit and his humbleness…He seems like a genuine great man to be around..and i love the fact that he went back home…You already know he’s going to be donating around Akron like no one’s business and him being there is going to generate millions of revenue for the city

  2. He does appear to have a great work ethic. That’s what got him to where he is and that’s what will keep him on top. Most people at the top of their game in sports, business, show business have great work ethics. Do you?

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