wolf cozy is cummin HARD for that top attentionisto spot

*the following entry is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

so it’s looking like:

“Lamont Johnson,

i hear he doesn’t even post videos on his “onlyfans” anymore.
lamont is cute with a big tail,
but he lowkey turned folks off.

wolf cozy,
is not shy about coming for that “attentionisto” crown.
he has videos of him playing with his entire tail.
the foxhole blew up my box about his latest videos today.
one of which he’s allegedly getting penetrated by a didlo in a sex dungeon.
you read that right…

he posted these teaser videos in his stories as well:

not bad at all.
i can do without all the mop on his head.
he can be a little goofy

…but i’ll still allow him.

lowkey: wolf is cool tho.
i’ve fonted with him when i slid in his dms before.
before you ask,
it was innocent and he’s straight.
i think.
no dick appointments were booked.

take a peek at wolf cozy: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “wolf cozy is cummin HARD for that top attentionisto spot”

  1. Jamari, let’s kidnap him and liberate the poodle he’s holding captive atop his head. He’s out here looking like Ms Frizzle. When we’re done, I’ll suddenly have business to tend to and you’ll be in charge of getting him home.

  2. I just caught on that he might be a fan of the Foxhole with that screen name of his.

    But he just doesn’t do it for me. He gives me gym dude with bad hygiene teas. He looks like a dirty Jussie Smolett.

  3. Okay, I need to star backtracking posts. Lol. He looks much better with the hat. His butt looks like a man’s ass for sure. Muscular. So it looks nice.

  4. I’m so happy that these muscular so called straight men are experimenting with the same sex. Have you Notice that These so called straight muscular men want their wives or girlfriends To do gay sex stuff with them like fuck them with a strap on dildo, getting their asshole eating out. Then these same muscular so called straight men get Tired of pussy so they go out and find men to pleasure them because Secretly they want another man’s dick

  5. I subscribed to his onlyfans a few weeks ago when it was $4.99 and his videos are cute. Most of his videos are off his jerking off and playing with his phat ass (which is so nice to look at). He also sends you emails to view videos that he doesn’t post on his main page (one of them is him getting head from a guy), but these videos cost more.

  6. i subscribed awhile back when he first joined onlyfans. nothing poppin until now. he did get fucked with a dildo and took it quite well actually. he ass looks like two basketballs spread LOL.

    ANDDDD guess what? he has a video of him getting sucked by a dude, yes a MAN!

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