marshun cooper goes kinda hard

marshun cooper is another kind of “bienaime” fine.
he’s a “brown suga babeeeee” fine.
i meannnnn…

well marvin’s calender drops tomorrow (12/18) and marshun is in it.
marvin teased us with these videos of and…

…and then these:

my thoughts:

in my head,
marshun said he is gonna go harder than charles.
well that he did and i’ll allow it all.

lowkey: marshun is packin some steel it seems.
that seems to be it on low.
imagine on hi?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “marshun cooper goes kinda hard”

  1. Marvin is having fun with all these guys idc what anyone says. Whew lucky him. Too many people have come out and said what a creep he is. He’s better than Charles (to me). I love dark skin men lol. Two yella men isn’t wassup lol

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