(well) it seems that wolf cozy goes both ways…

*the following entry is rated r
viewer discretion is strongly advised

so the few of the messages i got from foxholers today:


of course,
i wanted all the evidence for this.
it was too good to be true.
well a foxholer sent an alleged receipt of what went down…

this is getting to be attentionisto overload.
i have never seen one go this hard before.
so i guess wolf cozy is curious?
or just fluid?
i’m curious to see the video in question too.
any of the foxholers have a lead?
tumblr is now dead and we need to get our leakage somewhere else.

lowkey: i’m wonder if he hit up foxholer fav,
( x pierre ),

check out wolf cozy onlyfans: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “(well) it seems that wolf cozy goes both ways…”

  1. Jamari, when I get off work and come look at your site, half of these damn men ain’t never heard of . This one has sex appeal bit his hair is bothering me. I’m trying to figure out how he looks like a bottom? He has a nice body. I’m pretty much eyerolling men that tease pics these days. Still has a nice body tho.

        1. Lmao. He is not. Start by learning your bisexual bottoms, who have kids and all you find these bottoms have nice muscular body.

  2. sidenote: if you’ve ever watched any of his instagram live you would know that he was gay as gay can be… which I don’t recall him ever claiming to be straight now that i think about it…

    next on the docket: dwayne mckell lol…

    1. so i totally missed the first entry about wolf cozy… lol… i was wondering how the ten inch dildo missed the storyline… oh well… i thought about getting the dildo vid but after seeing the dominatrix one, i lost interest… i mean, after get fucked hard by big plastic dick by a big black bitch, what more can you do… lol…

  3. so we’re not going to talk about the dominatrix video… he took all of that big dildo and was reaching for more… she even slid a couple of fingers in to the hilt with room to spare… I ain’t mad though… i’d prolly hit… lol…

    1. RIGHT! that dildo went in a little too easy for it to be his “first” experience but i ain’t judging.

      1. lol… slid right in and that hole stayed open when she pulled it out… but again, i’d prolly hit… lol…

  4. “Men aren’t your cup of te[a]”…?! Well, that honey auburn hair says otherwise…

    Sidenote: His business acumen is quite attractive.

  5. DWRCL..BOY’S don’t be fooled and played by these niggas. As a rule ALWAYS WATCH WHAT THEY DO. NEVER PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THEY SAY.

    Now Jamari I saw your post on this Wolf Cozy dude with his CHILD BEARING HIPS in his SKINNY COUCHIE ASS HUGGING DRAWERS and I smiled and said this nigga is working for his money. Remember they NEVER want to be called Gay. That’s too damning. What they will SAY is because their FANS is asking for it here is a special TREAT and what they do is put a premium on those videos because they know it will cause a stir on social media, just like the one he is creating in THIS space. It worked. His fans will shoot up through the roof, the boys will lust their tongue out, he knows how gay boys are, he goes home happy, with his money.

    There are some dudes you look at them and you say to yourself what does this dude do in private? I can see him with a 9 inch dildo working that ass of his. Oh if walls could talk and sometimes they do. I will be patient and wait for his walls to SING…

    This Wolf Cozy nigga has more hips than Shakira and more pussy than Beyonce. Stop being fooled by these dudes that claim to be straight. Watch what they DO, not what they SAY!!!!

      1. I will do that I love these muscles men who are Curious about same-sex theses men are are Tired of the women pussy And trying something new By going out and fucking other men

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