“How I Smash Attentionistos Off Social Media” (INTERVIEW)


it sunday so i’m assuming some of the foxhole are still sleep.
they went out to the club last night and deciding to sleep in.
some of you are up and eating breakfast.
making your rounds on your favorite websites.
well i’m glad you decided to join me this morning!
as the title states,
i conducted an interview about one of my favorite subjects.


it was pretty in depth in how some make their money.
personal training,
and “look at my new shoes” don’t always cum from hard work.
well puttin’ in work…
oh and you may find yourself not breathing for a good 10 minutes.
i’m not responsible for any passing out or choking.
anyway check out my interview with “fuck attentionistos”

(this is NSFW,
and “only for the curious straights”)

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