“How I Smash Attentionistos Off Social Media” (INTERVIEW)

tumblr_nw0gv7oZgs1sry3r7o1_500it sunday so i’m assuming some of the foxhole are still sleep.
they went out to the club last night and deciding to sleep in.
some of you are up and eating breakfast.
making your rounds on your favorite websites.
well i’m glad you decided to join me this morning!
as the title states,
i conducted an interview about one of my favorite subjects.


it was pretty in depth in how some make their money.
personal training,
and “look at my new shoes” don’t always cum from hard work.
well puttin’ in work…
oh and you may find yourself not breathing for a good 10 minutes.
i’m not responsible for any passing out or choking.
anyway check out my interview with “fuck attentionistos”

(this is NSFW,
and “only for the curious straights”)

JF: thank you agreeing to this interview!
now before you start,
lets get into who are you for my foxhole?…

FA: I’m a ______________ in NYC and a connoisseur of all things seedy. I’m African-American, well adjusted, single, and serially horny.

JF: very nice. now why do you enjoy the company of high profile escorts?

FA: I actually don’t enjoy the company of high profile escorts, but rather I enjoy seeing if I can turn high profile guys out by waving money in their face. By high profile, I mean twitter-famous, facebook-famous, tumblr-famous, or Instagram-famous. I know that sounds crude, but I’ve never sought out any guy I knew was an escort in the traditional sense. I prefer to find guys via social media and proposition them. There’s a level of nuance there that most won’t get, but I think you get what I’m trying to say.

JF: i do. how do you make contact with these attentionistos?

(for those who don’t know “foxhole” talk: an “attentionisto/nista” is someone who craves attention on social media. they will do anything, everything, and anyone to get it.)

FA: Social media is how I engage with these guys. Most people, for whatever reason, have a way to contact them using an outside source like another social media account or an e-mail. I used to use KIK but that has been taken over by people who aren’t serious, so I stopped using KIK.

JF: do you feel the “personal training” is legit? or do you think its a cover?

FA: I think the personal trainer angle has been co-opted by the attentionistos. For example, there are a few guys who are looking for corporate sponsors for meal prep or bodybuilding comps. Those guys are legit. But the guys who claim to be into fitness as a career, but won’t tell you where they work out, don’t have any “real life, normal” clients, or won’t give tips about health and fitness are clearly using it to cover for their escorting ways. 

JF: mmm I had a feeling. so how do you get attentionistos to reply to your inquiries?

FA: These guys are very secretive and selective, so I make it seem like I have something to lose, too. When I e-mail guys, I use an e-mail that’s not yahoo, gmail, ect. My e-mail adds a level of credibility to what I’m seeking. That usually seems to get the attention of these attentionistos.

JF: how do you get the attentionistos to trust you?

FA: I never ask for “personal” pics. I am tempted to, but I don’t. Now, if they want to send me pics, I’ll gladly take them, but I never make requests. Oddly enough, now that I think about it, none of the attentionistos have asked for my picture either. We’ve only talked about money, which I’m sure we’ll get to later. Not asking for anything early on is what helps build trust and allows them to know that I’m serious about making a tangible connection. Most people enter their DMs or e-mail them asking to swap pics. That gets old and makes them guarded.

JF: i complete agree. how do you proposition them and do they ever curse you out?

FA: I’m usually open and honest when I write them. Time is money and I have to make a first impression that assertive but also doesn’t make me seem unhinged or crazy. For example, I usually do tell these guys that I’m into making them my personal sex worker, but I do so in a nonjudgmental way, and I also don’t assume that they’ve done it before. I have never been cussed out, but I have had guys ignore me, which to me is worst.

JF: so you e-mail these guys and tell them that you want to pay to play?

FA: Yes. I e-mail them and tell them that I’m an ____________, and I think they are interesting. Here’s an example of what I would say in the original e-mail.


I got your e-mail from your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr profile, and I wanted to run something pass you. But first, here’s a little about me. I’m African-American, well adjusted, late 20s/early 30s. I’m an _____________. My specialty is ______________, but enough about that boring stuff. I’m going to cut to the chase. I’m interested in you, or your time rather, for a few hours. I know you’re probably straight, but that really doesn’t matter to me, as I have never been much into titles. I have a few grand to throw around and I figured why not throw it your way. If you’re not interested, sorry for wasting your time. If you are, e-mail me back or hit me up on my cell (in the e-mail tag line).

JF: wow is it really that easy?!

FA: I have friends who have tried and they got no where, so it’s a case by case basis. I haven’t had many problems. A guy is interested or he’s not. If he’s not, he’ll ignore the e-mail. I’ve never had a guy e-mail me and tell me “fuck off” or anything like that.

JF: i am sooooooo intrigued with this! so once they e-mail you or text you, then what?

FA: Once they show interest by e-mailing me or texting me, I then go in for the kill. I ask about their health status and ask if they can provide proof. I ask what they are comfortable with. I even ask what they like to eat. I’m all for the boyfriend experience. Guys gotta eat, right?

JF: “fuck em and feed em”! how long do you talk to a guy before you two decide to meet?

FA: That is based on the guy. I’ve had guys who e-mailed me and told me that if I couldn’t meet in 48 hours, then don’t bother. I actually love those types, as they are better in bed. I’ve also had guys who wanted to be pen pals for months before even agreeing to meet. I travel to the guys and I usually get a nice hotel in the city or elsewhere in the Tri State area.

JF: have you ever been stood up by a guy after making arrangements to meet?

FA: Nope. The guys I deal with are vetted pretty well by me, so I make sure to weed out guys who are wasting time. I haven’t had to weed out any guys though. They weed themselves out. I’ve had to wait months before, but I was successful in getting what I wanted. Guys who aren’t interested don’t write me back, which saves us both time and energy.

JF: are you worried about your safety when meeting these guys?

FA: Absolutely not. I have ways of protecting myself, and again, I weed out guys via vetting. If a guy seems unstable, I don’t bother. I have a good life and I’m not trying to lose it because of a nut job.

JF: word. when you meet these guys, what happens?

FA: Well, not to sound cheesy, but we fuck. Or I fuck them. I have a policy: if I have to pay for it, I’m going to top. If I’m not paying for it, I don’t mind being versatile. I do enjoy giving head, so I do that, but I’m the top in these exchanges.

JF: wait wait wait…wait! so you top attentionistos? by their info messages, one would assume they would be the “wolf” in the situation?

FA: Yes. These guys aren’t gay/straight/bi or wolves/foxes, they are focused on money. Money talks with these guys.


JF: how do you handle the attentionistos who are gay for pay, but homophobic on their social media accounts?

FA: Good question. I’ve dealt with 2 that I can think of. I won’t name any names, but you know who I’m talking about. Oddly enough, both are Latino and strippers. On their social media accounts, they are all about the “bitches.” They will clap back at some of their gay fans because of the comments the gay fan left under a picture or whatever, but they are gay for pay. I’m sure they don’t consider themselves gay for pay, as this is a business transaction. The best way to deal with them, from my own experience, is to keep the encounter superficial, as in making them focus on the money they’ll get, not the act to get the money. Like I said earlier, if a guy read my e-mail and replied, there’s no getting around the fact that I’ve asked, in a subtle way, to fuck for money. 

JF: veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy interesting. so do these attentionistos know they are going to bottom?

FA: No, they don’t know. I keep it very basic and very general. I tell them that “we are gonna fuck” but I never say “I’m going to fuck you.” I like the element of surprise. The one guy I told outright that I was going to top him, well, he ended up making me wait months to finally do it. So now I’m much more coy about it.

JF: now most straight wolves don’t really know the “ends” and “outs” of cleaning their asses. they never had to do it before for sex. listen, l’m just going to be frank. how do you make sure they are ready to bottom if you don’t tell them they’ll bottom then?

FA: I tell them that I have an ass fetish and I expect high-quality hygiene, which means that their ass should be clean, and not just the outer layer. I have also sent links and vids about how to clean the rectum just to be on the safe side.

JF: oh ok. have you ever had a guy with poor hygiene show up?

FA: No. I would make him take a shower if he were not up to par.

JF: gotcha. how does the money situation work?

FA: I tell guys that I’m willing to pay a few thousand and that he’ll get half up front and the remainder when it’s over. I usually allow the guy to pick the price, because they always either low ball themselves or pick a crazy high price. If they low ball themselves, I tend to add a bit more just so I can seem like a good guy. Example: They’ll say 1200 and I would have in mind that I’m willing to spend 5000. So I give them 1900 to seem like a good guy. If they engage in inflation, I tell them I’m no longer interested and back away for a bit. They usually come back around and low ball, which allows me to give them more as a way to prove that I’m not bitter or holding a grudge.

JF: you said you give half upfront and the rest later, so are we talking cash or wire transfer?

FA: I do cash only. It can be tricky because we’re dealing with thousands of dollars here, so there is a bit of a safety concern. Not personal safety, but getting feds involved. I did a few wire transfers when I first started doing this, but I didn’t like how they had any account number & last name, so I do only cash now. When I give money, I usually have 3 envelopes. The first envelope is the first half of the money. The second envelope is the rest of the money. The last envelope is a cute keepsake and a greeting/thank you card. Guys seem to like it. It adds a human element to it.

JF: how much have you spent before?

FA: The lowest I’ve spent was $700 and the most I’ve spent was $11,000.

giphyJF:  WHOA! you’ve spent $11,000 to fuck?!

FA: Yes, I actually have a video of that. I could barely get it in him. He was so tight. He’s a fitness attentionisto that has been featured on some major media outlets, too.

JF: you actually showed me the video. You have a really big pipe. No offense. So how long does the sex last? i imagine if you payin’ all that money, you gonna at last be beatin’ it up for a couple days.

FA: That depends. I’m very honest and open about how high of a sex drive that I have, so I tell these guys that if they want a 45 min session, don’t waste my time. I would say the sex or sexual activity lasts for about 3 hours on average. I like to get my monies worth.

JF: what happens after the sex?

FA: I offer to feed the guy, or we can hang out, shoot the breeze, talk, or they may leave.

JF: do you ever regret paying for sex?

FA: Nope. We both get what we want. I get the thrill and rush of it, and they get a few thousand to spend.

JF: have you ever fallen in love with any of these guys?

FA: Hell no. That’s rule number 1: never get high off your own supply lol. I like these guys, but I like them in the “I want to fuck you” sense, not the “I want to date you or get to know you” sense.

JF: two things that shouldn’t ever be confused in life. my last question: when do you plan on stopping?

FA: I don’t plan on stopping. I like what I’m doing and I plan on doing it until I get bored or get another hobby.


 the alleged attentionistos he smashed/plans on smashin soon…
the alleged video he showed me of one of them…

tumblr_m72u7eTrl81r2qztpo2_250…and i didn’t even go to church yet.
well there you have it.
its amazing what some would do for easy money.
vixens been doing it since the dawn of time.
things change once gyms,
camera phones,
gays with big dreams,
and “slide in my dms” came into existence.
we shouldn’t be surprised tho.
you always wanted to know how these attentionistos live the life of luxury.

“well how they afford x,y, and z with no job?”

well now you know.
hope you enjoyed the interview as much as i did giving it.
stay tuned for much more in the foxhole!

lowkey: i guess personal training is a good escorting service for some.
too bad i don’t pay for pipe.
i may have tried it.
shit i may just be in the wrong profession.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

92 thoughts on ““How I Smash Attentionistos Off Social Media” (INTERVIEW)”

  1. am just waiting for the comments. this one left my mouth wide opened while reading it.
    so did ou recognize poular attentionists he did fuck j? like well known ?

      1. @Immanuel,

        What are you talking about? You honestly think you can fuck an attentionisto of either gender for free? Lmfao. Cute. You should try and let me know how it works for you. I’ll wait.

        Again, for the night crowd, I am not paying for sex because I’m ugly or needy, I do so because I like the power dynamics & kink at play. These guys are supposedly “straight” and lusted after by countless men and women, yet they are willing to bottom for me for a few grand. That’s a win/win for all involved.

    1. ^i really want to do more interviews.
      i was supposed to do one with an up and coming actor wolf on a popular show.
      got my hopes up for nothing.
      i was really hurt because that would be a BIG one for me.


        1. ^no it was actually about his career.
          he and his manager were back and forth with me.
          he was down to be interviewed.
          nothing sexual.
          it was all professional.

          i have to remember it’s the industry.
          you will get promised to do something and they will renig on you.
          they didn’t even tell me “no” or “im not comfortable”.

      1. i enjoyed reading that interview.please keep doing those interviews. it’s crazy how you look at those attentionistos shoving their lavish lifestyle to ourfaces with great encouragement speech on pursuing Dreams and working hard when in fact they’re just hookers on the low kiii!!!

        1. ^thanks stony!
          god will bless me and the foxhole with more!
          i would love to do an interview with an attentionisto who is an escort.
          full anonymity,
          but I have questions!

      2. I totally feel you on this, Jamari!

        If one can’t keep his/her word, at least return with something of a “makeup/apology” offering lol.

  2. Interesting stuff, and none of this it surprises me because everyone is all about money nowadays.

    *squints eyes* Y’all ain’t fooling me. I know exactly who this is, the language used and the attitude gives it away lol. As long as he stays safe and is careful. I’d be nice if he didn’t have to do this though. Jamari, since both of you are in NY, you should help him find a boyfriend to spoil.

    1. Some people like variety, doll. Just because the guy in the interview is able to spoil someone doesn’t mean he wants to do so. Some people are social media groupies, I guess, lol.

      1. I am so confused.Why are you referring to yourself in the third person? The guy in the interview” “he” in one comment and “I” in other comments.You don’t have to take on multiple identities.Do you and stop worrying about what people think about your choices.For the next interview just use the name Pierre .
        It is fascinating and at the same time depressing reading the interview.I find it sad what people will do for the almighty dollar.Whether it’s stripping,prostitution,PORN,etc.I have had sex for money before once and it was so degrading,dehumanizing.Fortunately I didn’t get seduced and trapped by the money.The guy I had sex with obviously hated women and thrived on the fact that he could demean women and make us feel inferior by using his financial power.From that experience I learned my dignity,my self respect can’t be bought.No amount of money is worth me not being able to look at myself in the mirror due to self disgust.

      2. @Y Colette,

        You’re right! I vacillated about “outing” myself and then said **** it, hence the different pronouns as I proceeded to answer more comments.

        But please don’t think I’m ashamed. It wasn’t my idea to remain anonymous. I can’t hate on Jamari for wanting me to do so.

        We saw how the Bambi & Thumper thread went all the way left, so I believe (I can’t speak for Jamari) that he didn’t want *me* to be a distraction.

        You’re a woman? I did not know that. Cool.

  3. as long as he enjoys paying for sex i ll never pay 11000 dollars to a guy just to have sex with him . when you work hard for your money it sounds crazy to me like wtf??? it’s a thing to pay 100$ or 200$ but 700$ or 10000$ is insane

    1. If Pierre is living in NYC, chances are he’s pulling down over six figures a year. If $11K sounds like a ridiculous amount of money to you, it says more about your current living conditions than Pierre’s supposed thirst.

  4. It’s obvious this man has LONG money and part of the thrill for him is the chase. People always think that old men pay but there are countless set men with banging bodies that pay for sex, the thrill they get is turning a str8 guy out and lastly it’s about power. Paying those men to do whatever he wants is like a power dominant thing for these men. I myself couldn’t pay for sex but if you got it like that who am I to judge. Great interview Jamari

    1. ^thank you Malcolm!
      men in positions of power been doing this forever.
      corporate america and the entertainment industry.
      the foxholer is probably in a position of power.
      these attentionistos aren’t doing anything strange.
      they about their money.
      gay or straight.

      1. Do you really have the power if you can only get them using money? The power is in the money rather than the person shelling out the money. If I cannot get a person on my own merit, my ego would be crushed. Anyone can be persuaded by money.

        1. ^i don’t think that’s the point tm.

          i think the point is he is turning out “straight” wolves.
          that is the thrill.
          that is why some of us mess with dl wolves/foxes/hybrids.
          the thrill.
          people do things for the thrill.
          they jump off buildings and kill animals in the jungle for the thrill.

          hell a wolf will pay a vixens whole lifestyle.
          its a thrill for her as well.

  5. You see I’m the one who said personal trainer is codeword for escort. This shit was so intriguing to read and juicy ass details, but I have a good guess on the two Dominican, I mean Latino strippers he’s talking about. But $11,000 tho? Ummmmmmmmmm no

      1. Mmmm good question…….. I think vixens put in more work than the male counterpart plus they are tolerable to pain when getting fucked.

      1. @Foriegn Wanderlust,

        You’re actually wrong on who the two strippers are. You’re thinking they are Bambi & Thumper, and you’re would 100% wrong. There are more Latin strippers in NYC besides Bambi & Thumper, but keep assuming, hun. xoxoxo

      2. Plus Bambi y Thumper are not homophobic. However, there is one very well known shady muthafuck homophobe who will block/delete any gay men but will so gladly and willingly take a gay man’s money. This is all.

  6. Jamari, I know he doesn’t catch feelings or look to take things further but, I’m curious. Do you think any of the guys start catching feelings or become interested in him or reach out to him after? From the interview I don’t get a hard up vibe. He’s probably attractive and has good pipe to go with the cash flow. So I’m wondering if any of these guys have ever tried to start Pretty Woman type scenario with him.

    1. ^thats a good question trey.

      i asked that same question,
      but in other words.
      he told me they come back for the money.
      he fell for one because sexually he was good,
      but other than that,
      it’s all about sex and the thrill.

  7. Is it that same guy that got in in feelings because people didn’t think what he was doing was cute?

    I’m no prude by any means, but it pains me that people would rather buy the dignity of others.

    1. It clearly is lol… The wording from the answers and the mentioning of the latin strippers gave it away. Plus he said he spent thousands on sex so I think it’s pretty clear

      1. @Foreign Wanderlust,

        Again, you’re wrong. But I’ll allow you to carry on thinking it’s Bambi & Thumper. You clearly didn’t read the entry. The part about “one was featured on major media outlets” clearly skipped you. Pray tell, what major media outlets were Bambi & Thumper featured on?

        Instead of assuming, why not ask? I have no issue telling you… xoxoxox

      2. @Pierre I know one stripper who made a quick appearance on Law & Order. I think it was on the same season when they did the Rihanna-story. I said enough.

      3. @Pierre I never said the strippers were those guys who you mentioned. I answered OPM1998 who asked if it was you and I said yes it’s obvious it’s you because you mentioned spending thousands on strippers before.

      4. I’ll just leave this here!

        @Fireign Wanderlust, no need to backtrack, as it’s not that serious. But this is what you wrote…

        Foreign Wanderlust says:
        22 November, 2015 at 7:41 pm

        Everyone knows who the two strippers are.. They were outed in a previous post months ago

      5. *yawns* @Pierre I was referring to THIS post here. Not a previous comment. I said we know who it is. You commented in my previous post saying that it wasn’t those two NYC strippers them and I let it be. However in this post I clarified that is it obvious who the interviewee was, just because I mentioned strippers here it doesn’t mean that was the focal point of my comment. You’re looking way too deep into this. Nobody was backtracking. Now go back to paying rent for the little IG escorts and we can go our separate ways. B Y E.

    1. Insecure people always holler on these topics. No one has shamed this reader this time around, but someone still felt the need to make that idiotic statement, it screams insecurity. The only thing people have said on this post is that there are not paying for it. No one knocked his decisions. People need to be comfortable regarding their choices and place their energy there, instead of focusing on the acts people choose not to do. The actions people choose not to do should not bother you, unless you are not content with yourself.

      There is a difference between sex and companionship, and any adult should know the difference. I do things for my partners because I love them, or at least have feelings for them. If my boi desperately wants a new winter coat, but does not have the funds, I am going to get it for him. Gifts are one of many ways to show a person how valuable you are in their life, sometimes you just have to come out of pocket to do so. Everything does not revolve around sex.

      1. How old are you? You seem to have this awkward Puritan agenda that you’re pushing, yet you’re on this site. Bizarre.

  8. None of this surprises me and none of this is new. I dont know y people still call these dudes str8. None of them are, the str8 ones are the ones that dont respond. Im not hating though cuz everybody has a choice. I for one would feel played if i had to pay for sex. There are plenty of people who get those same type of niggas wiyhout any transactions. Trust it aint the attentionistos first time at the rodeo so i doubt thur is any turning out goin on. So it is what it is, new dame same shit.

  9. Interesting interview J! ( I slept in this Sunday to wake up to some juice lol)

    I have a good feeling who this is but nevertheless he seems to have it down pact. Everything from the money to the hour time. I like the fact that the price is talked about ahead of time and he lets them know that it won’t just be a quick fuck session. I heard of escorts charging big bucks per hour only to have them come and be a big disappointment.

    Two questions for me:

    1.) I would have loved to know if there was anyone who he though would be amazing in bed based of their social media account only to disappoint when you guys finally got around to doing the deed.

    2.) He mentioned “if he’s paying he tops but if not he is not then he doesn’t mind being versatile.” Does that mean that some of the guys he’s hooked up with have willingly wanted to have sex with him without getting paid yet making them not totally straight?

    Again this was a great interview Jamari , your questions were very thought out. Hope you can do more.

    P.S. To the interviewee thanks for sharing a part of your life, I know some are not going to agree with it but I thinks it’s brave of you to open up to the foxhole this way about something that’s considered taboo.

    1. I wanna know the answer to #2 also lol. So he hits these guys up, and he doesn’t have to pay for some of them? I wonder how that works?! That’s a little more interesting. Hm.

      Other than that, “meh”. It’s interesting what people will do, but not surprising. Couldn’t be me.

    2. 1) Yes. But if I say who I’ll be outing them lol.

      2) Only one wasn’t very “meh” about the money, but I think he was looking at the long term goal of his: being kept.

      Also, if it’s about business, I keep it on business. Whenever a guy stops talking about the cash, that worries be because his motives could be nefarious/bizarre…

      Hope that answers your questions.

      1. So even if that one time he didn’t ask for money, if he wants to be “kept” doesn’t that suggest he still wants your money, but just being more subtle about it (long term-money, as opposed to a quick deposit)? Or are there genuine intentions involved? When your interactions are predicated on money from the get go, how do you know what people’s intentions are? Or is that irrelevant to you?

        Say you decided you wanted someone to trust, based on your past and history with men like this, how would you be able to trust people? Don’t you feel that after some point of time doing this, this would become unhealthy for your mental state?

        I hate to pry, but I’m really curious. Does it not bother you at all?

      2. Pierre, do you always get them for just a few hours or have you ever paid for services for an extended period of time like a long weekend or something? Sorry to ask but, this is really fascinating to me.

      3. @Dignified,

        I think you’re thinking of this in the wrong way. When I say that one of the men had long term intentions, that’s me assigning motives to him. When I asked how much, he ducked and dodged and that got old quick. The convo then went to other things and that perplexed me.

        Let me put your mind at ease. I can have healthy relationships outside of doing what I do. I’ve allowed the FoxHole to see ONE side of me, that’s all. When it’s time for me to find love, I’ll make that leap.


        Yes, I only request a few hours. Like I said it’s anywhere between 2 hours to 6 hours. The average is 3. I don’t like to have them too long because it can get awkward after that lol.

        I am thinking about maybe kinda sorta taking an exotic trip with one of my favorites but he doesn’t have a passport that’s valid. Sigh.

      4. Oh I see. Lol. I gotcha.

        Well, at the very least, your escapades are an entertaining read, but the comments to your escapades are even more entertaining I must admit. LOL!

        As long as your system works for you, then that’s all that matters.

  10. Can i give this guy my kik??
    Kik: ihavezerofucks

    And I think Jonathan Martin is one of those he fucked. That ass is amazing

  11. Okay I guess. Lol I guess Ill say it though. I cant be bought even if I dont have the body or the looks to do this, I still have self respect. These escorts should do some self reflection and use this time to be trying to settle down. I dont understand what it is with people these days. You have advantages over some of us whom are out here looking for love and are choosing to do this. Im not knocking what you do but I mean seriously, Im putting myself out there and I still cant find someone or at least someone decent. However some of yall have the opportunity to do so and are not really just confuses me. Let me go to the next thread. Great interview btw Jamari!

  12. Thanks for keeping it cute this time, love. I know you have your own set of morals and values, but it takes real maturity not to shove those down another’s throat, so I thank you for that. 😉

      1. You mentioned a guy on SUV, no, that’s not one of them. When I mentioned major media outlets, it had something to do with fitness. By major media outlet, I’m talking a popular cable channel that is not as popular anymore. I don’t want to give too much away because JF asked me to keep it general. 🙂

        As for you mentioning Heat, interesting…

  13. Nice interview J.


    1) Do you practice safe sex w/ the guys – with oral also? since you check status?
    2) Why and how did you start doing this?
    3) When you are ready to start love- would you choose an “attentionist” guy or is their “appearing shallow” trait not your thing for a serious relationship.


    Thank you in advance! 🙂

    1. @JFree,

      1) I “normally” do practice safe sex, but not always. I know I know, I’ll be dragged for admitting this, but I’m owning my truth. I check status via official paperwork and also use OraQuick the day of the encounter. There are also other medical precautions that I take.

      2) I guess I’m a bit of a social media groupie lol. I was on Instagram one day, saw a hot “popular” guy, sided in his DMs, and the rest is history. Along the way I’ve learned how to prefect the craft. I do it because I live such a boring life otherwise, so this allows me to have a little risky fun.

      3) Yes, I actually would choose one particular attentionisto but I can’t name who he is. It’ll never happen though, and that’s the sad part of it. Oh well, right?

      1. Hi @Pierre, Thank you for your reply and honesty! You were surprising humble and down to earth in your reply- it seems you don’t take what other say or think about this situation onto your head! I like the In n Out trait of your personality! Its nice and fitting! 🙂 Love to chat further at some point..

  14. Lol so enjoyed this well ima b honest an own my truth i have an do pay for sex i totally get were your coming from @pierre my metthod is a little differnt but im in awe. Of your approach i even screen shot your exemple of how you e mail them to not come off craz.after reading this i dont feel as much like a freak or bottom gutter guy would love to get tips from you sir!!! Kik? Maybe ……s/n im waiting on someone. To come up with something on mr.calem west would love to hear the juicy bouncy details lol

    1. Hearing something on Calem West would in all honesty make my year. The fact that he shrouds his whole persona in secrecy just makes him all the more fascinating a reveal. I’m anxiously waiting to hear something on this and Jacob Kohinoor.

      Might not really happen, but I’ll still be fairly hopeful.

      1. Yea jacob crossed my mind as well but here as of late he has become more uhh open with his sex life etc tbh its only a matter of time before his cakes sho up bare skined an im patiently waiting but! Lol i may get sent to the gallows for this but is it me or does his booty seem/look like therse m???

    2. Calem West & Jacob Kohinoor aren’t my “type.” While I said I liked attentionistos, I like the aura of masculinity, even if it’s a faux aura. Calem and Jacob just scream “obvious trade” to me, so I’ll pass on them lol.

      @PayforPlay, why don’t you send Jamari your questions and I’ll answer them. That way you can get detailed answers and not have to worry about universal judgement…

  15. I’m a little curious about his career. Not trying to be messy, but I’m honestly interested. If it’s something distinct, I understand. I’m exploring options and trying to find a new path.

  16. @Pierre

    I have to admit this has me hooked. I find this so interesting. I probably have enough questions to take up another full interview.

    1) What’s your usual criteria for picking these guys out? Do you like them to have a certain level of instagram fame before you approach them? Do you prefer them to present themselves as straight or is it okay if they are openly gay or ambiguous about their sexuality?

    2) Do you typically find these guys on ig first or have you ever had times you saw a guy on another media outlet and decided you’d reach out to him through ig?

    3) Have you ever had a guy chicken out at the last minute?

    4) I know a big factor is the convenience factor. I hope this isn’t taken as rude or disrespectful but, looks wise if money was not on the table do you feel that you would still spend time with these same caliber of guy in your everyday life? Like easily pick one up in a club, bar, or when you’re out and about?

    1. @Trey,

      Good questions! I’ll try to answer them in a thorough manner.

      1) Social media followers plays a part in the fantasy for me. I like getting to try out what others lust after. I like if they are themselves. I don’t put labels on sexuality. No one is totally gay or straight these days. Hell, I would fuck RiRi if given the chance and I’m a vaginal virgin. See my point? Now, I must admit that I’m attracted to the masculine vibe they give off on their social media. If they come off as gay or bi, that’s not appealing to me. Sensual like Bambi and Thumper is okay, but flaming like Jacob K is a no go.

      2) I’ve found guys on tumblr, facebook, myself (yes that’s still around lol), twitter, and instagram. When I see something I like and there’s contact info provided, I make the leap.

      3) I’ve answered this question in the interview. No one has ever stood me up last min. I’ve had guys make me wait up to about 5ish months but no one has ever stood me up.

      4) I have no problem getting laid. I’m tall, dark, and handsome with a great smile, sexy voice, nice eyes, DSLs and a great job. I do this to fill a void in my boring life. I have no doubt that I could get if even if I didn’t pay for it. I pay to keep feelings at bay. But I sincerely believe that I could get a few of these attentionistos even if I didn’t pay, but I’m not willing to find out. Business is business. Furthermore, I get hit on at the local starbucks or big box department store quite often. I know you don’t mean this but the inherent underlying bias in the question is “do you have to pay for sex because you’re not attractive?” And that’s fine because I get why people think that. But remember even a heartthrob like Huge Grant regularly paid for sex when he could have gotten it from A+ listers back in the day. Make sense?

      1. @Pierre

        Thanks for responding to me. I didn’t get the vibe that you weren’t attractive but, the truth is there can be a lot of sex appeal with confidence which I get the feeling you have and that can go beyond looks. I’d be lying if i didnt admit that I was just a little curious. I hope no offense was taken in my question.

  17. Jamari, i think this is one of your best post to date! You got all you followers really engaged in this topic…

    Pierre..I must admit the mystery behind you is really attractive for some odd reason…I’m a very curious person in my silly world i could imagine sitting down with you drinking a glass of wine and engaging with you about your experiences and discuss the politics of the topic…Thanks for being open with us…

    if you have time i have a question for you: what are the guys reactions or responses right after you finish fucking them?

    thanks Tyler

    1. @Tyler,

      I agree with you: This is one of the best posts and not because I’m in it, but because of the questions. So glad Jamari asked me to do it. I actually had a different post in mind and Jamari was like “forget all that, this is what the Foxhole really wanna know” lol. It’s all good though.

      Your question is so on point and thought-provoking. The best way I can answer is, it’s an individualized response. There are 3 categories that all the guys seemingly fit into, though.

      Category 1: “I’m outta here.” After we’re done and I let the guy know that I’m satisfied, I mention that they can take a shower and I can feed them or we can shoot the breeze. Guys in this category get dressed, without showering, take the money, and leave.

      Category 2: “What now?” These guys often linger but don’t know why. It’s like they are not sure if they want to leave or want to process what just happened in a “safe” environment. There’s not much talking, but they do allow me to feed them, and there are long, awkward looks and silence.

      Category 3: “You only live once.” I’ve had this said to me a few times, and I love guys in this category. After you’ve sucked dick and gotten fucked in the ass, what else is left? Why hang your head in shame? Live in the moment. Guys in this category are often cool, stay, talk, vibe, ask to be fed, and just “milk” the situation until being put out lol.

      Great question, FYI.

  18. Thank you Jamari for posting my question.

    Pierre, your response to my question was nicely said. I know this is weird but I’m a Hannibal Lecter fan. Your answers are very thought out and precise. You gave Jamari’s readers a calculated peek into your world ( which is a desirable fantasy for most of us in some form or fashion).

    I get a thrill off going on blind dates or even a planned dates. My question for you Pierre: What goes through your mind moments before meeting the guys for the first time?

    Thanks again,

    1. @Tyler,

      You know, I never gave it much reflection until you asked. I guess it’s like meeting your crush for the first time or a “celebrity.” Of course, in my case, I hold a majority of the cards. By majority I mean like 70%. The guys could easily play me by being purposefully awful in bed lol.

      I probably think about what they’re thinking more so than what I’m thinking. There’s a lot of nervousness and awkwardness in the first few minutes.

      1. Pierre let me stop blowing Jamari’s post up like I’m having an official one on one conversation with you. lol One day maybe I’ll bump into you in real life and we can continue this chat…

        Thanks P

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