Maybe Trey Wanted a Shoulder Massage From Odell?

i’m convinced people are stupid.
its like they want every male animal to be gay.
everyone guy is not gay.
well some can be bi.
or as we learned yesterday,
“gay for pay”.
either way,
a video of trey songz and odell beckham jr had forests buzzing today.
they say odell and trey were dancing too close for comfort.
allegedlt odell was caressing trey’s shoulders.
check the evidence to see for yourself…

i must have missed it.
i even watched it without blinking.
look foxhole…
call me when odell does this to trey:

996441127f1a2daa5efc6260b96ede26….and then we can talk.
i’m filing this story under my new category:


lowkey: i know they both have a ton of gay rumors,
but i doubt they would be so obvious in public.
especially trey.
you know he can turn his homophobic on real quick.

story taken: bossip

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “Maybe Trey Wanted a Shoulder Massage From Odell?”

  1. UGHHHHHH This the ignorance of America; in most cultures including Africa, men dance with each other. We are too sensitive and everything is not GAY. SMDH@americansociety

    1. right, cuz west indian’s and africans ain’t known to publicly beat and kill the gay people in their community. That doesn’t quite happen in the black american diaspora, it may still be viewed as an abomination but we tolerate better then a lot of you jungle bunnies that wanna sit behind a screen and throw that low key shade.

  2. Str8 people are so fucking weird like they have this weird obsession for us and hate us at the same time….. Odell placed his hand on Trey’s shoulder, okay and?

    But can I say the African American community push masculinity way too hard. I mean damn a black man can’t hug his friend without being called gay, but they are friends. Chile, I know the African American community will say every Latino men gay just because we touch each other.


      1. Hunty, you didn’t have to say what you said about Lindo, but, none of my business. Let bygones be bygones.

  3. There’s something really unattractive about Odell to me. I guess it was that Instagram video of him doing that awful dance that ruined any “hotness” he once had. The girls can have him lol.

    The first video, the hand on the shoulder seems a bit intimate to me, but *meh*.

    1. Nothing here… but like Pierre that IG video of him doing that dance with his boy….and the female strut… was a major turnoff. Keep catching the long ball O

  4. They’re just chillin I do this with my friends all the time. Odell is so fucking cute I love him he looks like so much fun to hang with

  5. This is really enlightening. I must be serial carresser by those standards. Time to go write some apology emails. Lol

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