Jayceon Taylor Is Packed (Front) and Stacked (Back)

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 8.27.10 PMjayceon taylor is a very attractive wolf.
from the front and apparently the back

gamewolfmeatcakesnice tail jayceon.
cum here…

proxymy f-bi sent me this note along with the picture:

“So Jayceons new job as a instagram thirst trapper has reached new heights. I’m pegging this (pun intended) as the new lane for male artists album promotion. First it was the likes of Justin Beiber and John Legend showing tail on the gram for likes and streams and now Jayceon Taylor @losangelesconfidential has joined the ranks of bunz 4 funds. He started showing peen for the vixens, foxes and f-bi’s but now he’s catering to the wolves with this latest piece of cali cakez. “

ima need jayceon to stop showing all my goodz to these hoes.
well unless he getting us some cash deposits.

tumblr_mb75p7bmFT1qmfh3wi need a nice christmas present.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “Jayceon Taylor Is Packed (Front) and Stacked (Back)”

  1. Alright Jayceon, you got my attention. 👀 I’ll be waiting for him to show the buns bare (John Legend’s cakes were the best though)

  2. Jayceon Taylor, a*k*a The Game, is officially a side wolf. You let him freak you on the weekends, and on weekdays, he barely knows you. Just saying Jamari Fox.

  3. Meh he reminds me too much of a lords of the ring dwarf ! That nose and beard are too distracting

    And it bugs me that someone who claims blood and is taking ass and dick pics and not catching any shade about it from his fellow blood…lings??

    Anything to stay relevant I guess…

    1. Well sir it goes to show you that no one is above making it holla fa’ ah dolla lol! Hollyweird is something else and don’t be surprised if you start hearing some rumors about ole Mr. Jayceon that’s when you’ll know he really made up the ranks lol.

      1. Allegedly he’s down with the homo rituals because that’s the only way for him to stay relevant in the industry.

    2. This 100% especially the last line. The thirst is too real. Pipe and Cake is all that i see as attractive on him. Everything else… ya’ll need to schedule an eye appointment lol!

  4. Jayceon Taylor aka The Game aka Doja (his stripper name) really is so sexy to me. I know some people have a problem with his fuckboi ways, but I just want his body. *Kanye Shrug*

  5. Did he delete this pic from his Instagram? I checked and couldn’t find it. I know it’s him but I wonder what the purpose was for him to post & then delete.

    1. Because he knew that the butt brigade woulda been out in full force lol! But if that were the case why do it in the first place?

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