dl hughley claims gays bullied kevin kart from hosting the oscars

before i start:

Is there something going on with dl hughley?

he looks awful these days.
i must be different than other gays,
but i don’t get as offended as others.
some shit does not bother me as others.
don’t get me wrong,
some things need protest,
but other stuff slides right off my back.
well dl hughley came in defense of kevin hart on “vlad tv” today.
he claims the reason for all the drama is that gays are bullies

so i’ll be the one to font:

SOME gays are bullies

i have experienced first hand being bullied as a gay male,
by a couple gay jackals i’ve crossed paths with.
you see some of the comments i get on the foxhole.
i think a majority of us have been in our lifetimes.
many gays have the “mean girl” mentality.
you see how some gays will destroy you not liking their fav divas.
it’s ridiculous.
on the flip side:

SOME straight males are bullies as well

i’m sure many gays,
or anyone who is different,
can attest to that.
you see some of the homophobia i’ve experienced in the foxhole.

kevin hart claimed he addressed this issue before.
his continued arrogance and victim playing is what does him in.
he could have brought up where he shown this was an old story.
deaded it and moved on.
EVERYONE was talking about how ignorant he was.
don’t put all the blame on the gay community.
didn’t he tell allegedly jokes about darker black vixens in the past too?
( x see the receipt here )
i guess they were “bullies” too.

the bottom line is kevin’s jokes didn’t come off well on twitter.
random tweets can be interpreted differently than in stand up.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “dl hughley claims gays bullied kevin kart from hosting the oscars”

  1. Lol ironic coming from him, he’s been making ignorant comments about gays for years now. I wish heterosexuals like him kept the same energy when it comes to calling out their fellow brethren who are often the biggest bullies.

  2. *sighs* I got time today, so I’ll address this.

    Okay, so what annoyed me the most about this whole Kevin Hart situation was all the goal post moving, particularly from certain heterosexual black men and non-black gays.

    Let’s start with KH’s biggest defenders: other straight black men. I must say I found it incredibly ironic that some of the same black men calling KH a “coon,” “sellout,” and a disgrace for being a pawn in Hollywood’s grand conspiracy to effeminize the black man before these tweets were the same men running to his defense. I guess they completely forgot that the man they were defending and applauding for “taking a stand” against the gay mafia not only dressed in a blue dress and blonde wig in a SNL skit, but also locked lips with Dwayne Johnson,LMAO. I can’t stand these black bigots who only deem lgbt+ people in their community as black when it’s convenient.

    Now on to these anti-black gays who had a whole lot of slick ish to say on Queerty and other white-centered lgbt+ news outlets. According to them, it’s somehow okay for Schumer, Handler, and Silverman to get a pass to say the f-word because they’re “allies” and “they didn’t mean it that way.” I’m sure if we asked KH, he would say the same thing. My mind is boggled as to what the REAL reason for such a discrepancy in opinion could be…sarcasm.

    With that said, if you’re going to be a bigot and/or hypocrite (of any kind) at least be a consistent one…

  3. It’s funny, had this been a white guy that had old racist tweets about black people, would DL be saying the same thing? He says black people have been dying in America( which he is absolutely right) and there has been jokes but haven’t gays been as well? does he and many others not realize that you can be black and gay?

    I agree that there are many gays that are bullies and same with my straights but I think it wasn’t so much Kevins tweets( which were bad and so was the dark-skinned one) but how Kevin handle the situation(just re address it in a mature way showing you how you evolved) like you mentioned.

    Honestly, to me, he really showed his ass just a week and half prior when he posted the Cowboy vs Indians party on his IG on Thanksgiving and when Native Americans( who are pretty much wiped out and are resorted to living on isolated reserves) called him out for it being offensive, he told them to pretty much fuck off and that their too sensitive. Telling them that he played it as a kid( didn’t Megyn Kelly say something similar about blackface?) and that the Cowboys and Washington Redskins played on that day. He clearly doesn’t know or cared how long natives american’s have been fighting to get the redskins to change it’s name. Funny how the Oscars/Hollywood or anybody else didn’t care about that.

    Jamari, I recommend you check out the recent episode of The Read podcast. Kid Fury’s read of Kevin and this Oscar drama was absolutely AMAZING!!!

  4. I knew coming into these comments no one would agree that gays are bullies…. my whole thing is this if gays want to be treated equally why try to exclude our selfs every chance we get! This situation should have never happened. It had a be a bitter no life guy that probably lust over KH and know he will never have him that dig up these tweets. Ask y’all selfs who really has all that time to go through this mans tweet to find something offensive towards gays? That shit is pitiful and it just proves what everyone always say gays alway want to be the victim 🤷🏾‍♂️ Them gay jokes don’t bother me I’m definitely a different breed and I definitely don’t like to play the victim role in the grand scheme of things

    (Might have typos because I’m at work rushing and I don’t have time to go back over and read it )

    1. Yes, There are gays that can be bullies ( like anygroup can) BUT this is really about Kevin Hart letting his arrogance and hard headness stop him from getting a bag ( a major one at that). Do you know how many celebrities do a half assed apology not really caring and still move on to perform or do whatever they have to do . 1.) The Oscars are run by weight gays so is to be no surprise that they would have problems with an old homophobic tweets that Kevin Hart did, 2.) Just because he’s a comedian doesn’t give him a free pass to just say and do whatever he wants to do. Why don’t we use the same energy about Roseanne when she made racist comments or about Bill Maher when he used the N word on TV. Why don’t they get to use the comedian excuse? It’s because a large amount of Straight black men and straight blacks period cannot see outside them to see that other marginalized groups of people can also be hurt and offended.

      If you were not offended by the joke cool, but I feel like it’s unfair to tell others they can’t be offended when there is still little gay boys that have to worry about their fathers or mothers crashing a dollhouse over here their heads because they played with a doll or for them doing anything outside of what society deems as a normal Masculinity.

      1. The tweets were over 5 years old… so if they took their time to dig up these tweets that is trying to be the victim!!!! Gays sit and bash heterosexuals all day especially fem gays and transgenders they bash the shit out of women… so what is your point!!!! Had those tweets been recent I would have understood the outrage but being that those tweets were old the gays were looking for something to be upset at… she if I have kids I would want my kids to be gay either why would I want my child to go through any of this!!!! And what’s so wrong with a person saying they don’t want their child to be gay? I know a shit load of gay people that say if they could change things they wouldn’t be gay 🤷🏾‍♂️

    2. Honey their are no bigger victims than heteros that’s why we are here today, I never heard that gays love to be victims. And I get what you’re saying but if gays don’t come to each other’s defense we’ll be casted out. And yes gays aren’t all the same but being too indifferent isn’t helping either. We gotta stick together.

      1. I’m not standing up for bulling because this is exactly what it is… the tweets were old as fuck so why dig them up. So you are telling me who ever dug up these tweets didn’t do it with ill will towards KH? Why not dig them up any other time? Why now… gays just need to get it together that’s why it’s so much bs with in the community now!!! We want everyone to adhere to our way of life when we can’t even get it together our self but I digress

  5. We are three years into Trump’s America and possibly going into five more years of it and the straights still wants to play victim.

    Either gays are such a small and insignificant minority that their desires are irrelevant or they’re everywhere to the point where they rule the world. Pick one. Make it make sense and be consistent. Exactly why I can’t with these faux “woke” clowns. They will gaslight, cry and manipulate a point to make it fit their narrative. Hm… sounds like the same things they accuse the lgbt of 👀🧐

  6. Jamari it sounds to me like you’re lowkey agreeing with DL Hughley’s bullshtt. And exactly WHY does some of the homophobic BS of black celebs and athletes “slides right off your back?” I understand you’re not as engaged about this stuff as some but why? Aren’t you a BLACK GAY MAN? Could this be why I rarely see stories here about some of the homophobic drama that occasionally pops up concerning our community? Yet I’ll see some story about some random white woman who called the police on a black man posted on this site instead of the multitudes of black celebrities who casually disrespect Black Gay men with absolutely no fvcks nor accountability.

    Listen, it’s obviously your blog and you’re free to post and express yourself freely, and your comment section allows your readers to provide feedback (so before some Jamari stan comes jumping down my throat please be reminded that this is a free and open exchange so fall da fuq back!)

    1. ^where did i font that i agreed with dl?
      from what i recall with kevin,
      i didn’t agree with him either.
      you sent me a story about 50 making fun of young buck,
      and honestly,
      i didn’t care about that at all.
      it’s 50 and he talks shit about everyone.
      i’ve talked about many stories of homophobia as a gay blogger.
      i’ve also talked about the currently climate being black in america.

      i’m sorry i wasn’t pulling out a pitchfork fast enough for your liking bllack.

    2. ^and please name,
      besides dl,
      and a all around ignorant 50,
      black gay celebs that have been disrespected?
      if i miss any,
      you are more than welcome to send me an email or the story than carrying on in the comments like i have personally attacked you black.

      here i thought we were in a good place.

      1. @Jamari

        We “are in a good place” because this exchange was allowed without damages or hospital visits 🙂

        I simply expressed my perception of what I saw as “apathy” towards LGBT issues. Whether that perception is true or not is simply a fact of life. I learned years ago as a college student working in the mall that “perception is reality” no matter how unfair. And it was MY JOB to change the perceptions of potential customers if I wanted to sell them those overpriced ugly ass shoes lol. So again, because you are a blogger you can either accept that some perceptions of your views will be seen slightly differently, unfairly or just untrue, and/or you can make an effort to change them. That’s your prerogative. I’m not demanding anything, just noting my observation using your own fonts.

        Meanwhile my point was made, and I sincerely hope I did so respectfully as I’ll continue to enjoy this blog until I’m asked not to contribute. Thanks

  7. Smh. Why do gays continue to argue with heterobots? This hatred has been going on since the “Bible” surfaced..The Bible was modified by slave owners (notice how the bible condones slavery in some sections & makes men superior to women in almost everything..) and was given to black slaves to read.

    You will never get your point across to those type because they are cursed and willfully ignorant. This is why they will never “rise” to be honest. Their faith is a product of enslavement…where as they will be free physically they will never be so mentally.

    Keep in mind, slave masters gave their scraps to their slaves for food so what makes you think they would give them a coherent doctrine to living life? Especially one “inspired” by the Word of God.

    I had to recently cap a Black fool about his ways asking him how does he know Moses wasn’t crazy or suffering dementia while he was by himself “allegedly” talking to God for so long? He responded with he has faith in the word of God…

    Umm okay…Keep it up.

    These gays need to save their energy and move on, especially the black gays because some of the white gays aren’t to fond of you either and they are gay themselves, so I don’t get it….

    Oh wait..

    The root of this starts with self hatred passed to slaves about being black and the lighter you are, the better. From there, it bleeds into other avenues of life. Colorism is still a thing, as well as hypermasculine prototypes in the gay community too. It all comes from a Book that has been causing a lot of trouble. I’m not saying a higher power doesn’t exist but what the folks all into now ain’t really pushing things forward…and it’s been how long now??

    The best way to control your enemy is mentally and the best method of attack is the one from within. Get them to destroy each other and watch from a distance.

    Also, didn’t KH commit adultery or was that someone else? Where are those bags of stones.

    (Did you know that in some parts of the world, they still literally stone people to death? Smfh…The human race I swear…)

  8. Who ever dug up those tweets was dead as wrong point blank period… don’t throw the stone hide your hand and when it’s thrown back and hit you, you wanna cry and be a victim!!!! Where was the outrage when these tweets were 1st posted? Oh I forgot we only go after huge celebrities KH wasn’t as big back then so it didn’t matter right? Smfh I get so annoyed with the gay community this is why I’m a loner 🙄

    1. It’s always some self-hating rat with internalized homophobia doing the absolute most in these comments. NOBODY CARES about your self-hatred you sad ass miserable phag. Straight people will still spit on you regardless especially the same straight men you’re on here defending and capping so goddamn hard for. Get over yourself SIS

  9. J,
    I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve been doing this for some years…I can confidently say more times than none these so called bullies and gaybashers are really undercover “wannabedowners”. ..for the most part. Athletes, jealous boyfriends, gaybashers…turnt what OUT, baby. They talk shit, bully you and even try to out you but then blowing ya cell up at night…before the game, after the game; when SHE’s asleep or outta the house..I nipped that shit in the bud…ate that a$s…rode that dick, tapped the STRAIGHT Niggas booty and blew that mind…that’s what happened to Dwight..lolol..I can assure you.

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