jacquees is “the king of rnb” and the next “michael jackson”

why do people insist on dissing the legends before them?
as a blogger,
i’ve never went after those who paved the way for me today.
i might not agree with some,
but i give props for all that they’ve done.
jacquees could learn that humility.
he’s on this whole “i’m the king of rnb” tour.
he had keith sweat real vex at “v103 winterfest” in atlanta…

“twisted” is an icon bop tho…

jacquees was probably made to one of those legendary rnb tracks.
(imagine your parent’s telling you what song you were conceived to)
he also claims he compares himself to michael jackson:

okay jacquees.
you’ve gotten our attention with your trolling.
your album,
or next cover song,
better move mountains out here.
this is our new king:


lowkey: i’m so glad i got to experience the late 90s/00s rnb acts.
they could sing and were/are fine af.
look at tank:

the new male singing wolves are not attractive,
at all.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “jacquees is “the king of rnb” and the next “michael jackson””

  1. We still giving this off-pitch singing guy attention?!? This is why I only listen to 90s music lol

    1. ^he wants attention!
      he decided to do the “keri hilson” route and throw rocks.
      it didn’t work for her because she threw an alleged rock at b.
      rnb is dead so he can throw rocks at males who people think “fell off”.

  2. He done let that little Soul Train Awards performance get to his head, huh…??? He better sit his little 5-foot self down somewhere.

  3. He’s clearly overcompensating for being shorter than a third grader. Besides, a king would have his own hits… that he actually wrote, not covered on SoundCloud. As far as his voice, it is reminiscent of a choking goat.

  4. I’m just not a fan of the disrespect this new generation is giving out like candies. Look at the careers of Usher, Tank, Tyrese, Ginuwine, Keith Sweat, Raphael Saddiq, hell even Trey Songz. Can we REALLY believe that Jaquees will enjoy the longevity they have? Will his discography be remembered 20 years from now? Will he have a signature song that envokes emotion and feelings in your soul? It almost seem like in order to be put on nowadays, its mandatory to diss those who came before. No. He nah ready yet. Just not a fan of the disrespect.

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