i’m glad i’m not vegan (the meat had me droolin in marvin bienaime calendar)


*the following entry is rated r.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

the wait is over.
marvin bienaime released his 2019 nude calendar for the forests to indulge.
a few foxholers sent it to me for review and…


marshun had no issues debuting half of that long pipe of his.
others went full monty.
in all seriousness,
i gotta font:

It is a well done,
high quality,
4k calendar

marvin did an excellent job.
i’m very impressed with all that i saw.
he has these wolves looking like black kings.
charles leaked his image on his ig.
he’s starting our 2019 off right for january:

…and from there on,
2019 is looking like a damn good year.
for those who copped the calendar:


lowkey: here is a bts video of charles…

i’d love the universe to bring his non fuck boi lookalike into my life.
  i want to suck him stupid all over 2019.

order the calendar: bienaime agency

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “i’m glad i’m not vegan (the meat had me droolin in marvin bienaime calendar)”

    1. ^his calendar literally just got released today.
      i’m not stopping his bag by doing that.
      i would hate for someone to do that to me once i release something for sale.

      1. I understand but can you promise to show us all the images at the end of January. Or post at the end of the month once that month is finished. Give us something

      2. I definitely respect you sooo much because of that Jamari!Although it makes me miss tumblr now hehe. But I may just support. I’d hate to be that person that people love the work but don’t buy from.

  1. I got my copy I had to email him because the link that I got didn’t work at all, but Marvin responded very quick and sent me another link that expires tomorrow I believe. Anyhow I really like all of model pics it’s very tasteful, but honestly I was hoping to see all models full frontal especially Charles, and Marshaun, but I really like the pic with the model that has vitiligo that was pure art. Love the pics all together I might order his project that he has coming out in a couple of months.

    1. Lol Chile everybody and they MAMA (myself included) is thirsty for Charles! lmao!!!! I swear majority of the comments on Marvins’s page are about him!

  2. Has Lip Gloss marvin bienaime ever fonted any support for this blog or it’s readers? Namely the LGBT community? If not I wouldn’t give a damn about “stopping his bag.” Post dem damn links of Charlie dammit! I demandz it! 😂

  3. Lol. This post is funny. So who is Charles? The one posted. The guy posted has a nice body and butt…but idk? Does he have a Vienna sausage in front or nah?

  4. I have the calendar It really is s great concept I just expected a better package. The “calender” is really a folder that you download with 12 jpeg of different nude and semi nude images. Idk from the behind the scenes vids I had a completely different thought of what I would actually get. Maybe next year it will be more interesting.

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