Stephon Marbury’s Peen Gets Some Wet Leakage

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i use to think ex baller wolf stephon marbury was kinda hot.
he had a nice little body and some charmin cakes.
i always wondered if his big head matched the little one down below.
my girl mandii b from full court pumps got first dibs.
you know i had to share with the foxhole..

Over the weekend I received some tea in my email. A “little birdie” sent me a video where I snagged screenshots of the said athlete. After examining the tattoos in the video and confirming with the little birdie, the guy in the pictures is none other than former NBA superstar Stephon Marbury.

The person who decided to share these naked pics of Stephon gave me no ammunition as to WHY she wanted the world to see his soft peen in the shower. Then again, do we EVER know why women want to “expose” these celebs?

The video footage caught images of Stephon eating, then in the shower, all before him laying down. How he didn’t know he was being recorded, I have no clue.



from the looks of it,
it doesn’t look like enough to share with everyone.

oh well.
you can enjoy this one more gin:


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  1. Someone wise once said “A fool and his money is quickly parted”. I rest my case.

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