Playing With Balls In Boston?

artest_mainso my vixen friend is at a business seminar in boston this weekend.
she is staying at the ritz carlton and was in for a happy surprise in the lobby.
she came out the elevator to a ton of tall black wolves.
just so happens that the ny knicks happen to be staying at the same hotel.
i know.
well nothing has happened... yet.
she said she spoke to ron artest briefly,
he is fine in person,
and he was really nice.
she didn’t see carmelo tho.
everyone wants a piece of carmelo.
she isn’t looking for a baller wolf at all,
but it doesn’t mean i’m not.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Playing With Balls In Boston?”

  1. Ron Artest has always turned me on, and I bet he was fine in person. I hope he is ok in the head tho. he scares me a little lol.

    I want Stoudemire tho. I know he is married to that fine ass Alexis, but he gets my juices going.

    1. You shouldn’t be scared of Arrest. Off the court, he’s universally considered one of the nicest athletes in any sport. I’ve heard this from players, coaches & the media

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