la la anthony is about to be on her freshly divorced hot vixen summer shit

one thing about us cancers:

We will hang on to folks who are no good for us.

in the same breath,
folks who are no good for us love to hang on to us too.
they know we are loyal and some of us can be “nice“.
you’ll know when a cancer is truly fed tf up and over it.
our “move on” can be quiet but the next step is to:

Go inside our shells to sharpen our claws.

la la anthony has tried to hold onto her husband,
carmelo anthony.
even after he had ( x an alleged outside kid ),
la la still stuck by his side.
it seems she is finally done

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so i should accept his ho’s child he created while cheating on me?

how would you feel if your boyfriend/husband,
cheated on you with a vixen on some truly random shit,
and ended up getting her pregnant?
i’m sure that’s what lala anthony had to ponder a couple years ago.
as you know,
or didn’t,
carmelo anthony cheated and planted a seed in someone else.
after a long separation,
and him begging all over social media,
lala decided to give him another chance.
well folks are mad about something lala is doing.
this is the tweet that went viral…
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Carmelo Anthony Allegedly Didn’t Pull Out

this carmelo anthony and la la separation is getting messier and messier.
is it me…
or was carmelo the one to smash in the nba?
every vixen i know wanted a piece of that.
me included.
so carmelo allegedly knocked up some random.
this is why la la sent the alleged peace out emoji sign.
it’s a whole lotta mess via tmz sports
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Carmelo and La La Anthony: Separated and Single!

i been telling the foxhole that 2017 is the year of new beginnings.
things will come to an end so it can start a new chapter.
for lala and carmelo anthony,
this year is when their nuptials came to an end.
after 7 years of marriage,
it looks like they’re done.
the alert came through my screen from tmz and well..
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Carmelo Anthony Is A Lookin Ass (You Get The Idea)

CRMELOANTcarmelo anthony is looking better these days.
i was surprised how much weight he has lost when i saw him at all star.
he is lookin’ less” ninja turtle” in the face.
the facial hair helps too.
go melo.
anyway so everyone is talkin’ about carmelo today.
he played against the memphis grizzles last night and this happened…
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Playing With Balls In Boston?

artest_mainso my vixen friend is at a business seminar in boston this weekend.
she is staying at the ritz carlton and was in for a happy surprise in the lobby.
she came out the elevator to a ton of tall black wolves.
just so happens that the ny knicks happen to be staying at the same hotel.
i know.
well nothing has happened... yet.
she said she spoke to ron artest briefly,
he is fine in person,
and he was really nice.
she didn’t see carmelo tho.
everyone wants a piece of carmelo.
she isn’t looking for a baller wolf at all,
but it doesn’t mean i’m not.