Carmelo and La La Anthony: Separated and Single!

i been telling the foxhole that 2017 is the year of new beginnings.
things will come to an end so it can start a new chapter.
for lala and carmelo anthony,
this year is when their nuptials came to an end.
after 7 years of marriage,
it looks like they’re done.
the alert came through my screen from tmz and well..

Carmelo and La La Anthony are separated … TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the couple tell us the actress and NBA superstar are now living separately. La La moved out of the family home last week and has her own place in NYC now.

We’re told the couple’s had ups and downs in the past, but the current NBA season has been extremely stressful on the marriage for several months. Carmelo’s been plagued by trade talks … with the Knicks looking to move him to another team.

Our sources say the split is still amicable. They were together just this past weekend at their 10-year-old son Kiyan’s basketball game.

We’re told La La and Carmelo have NO plans to uproot Kiyan from his friends and school in NY.

i’m not shocked by any of this.
they didn’t really look all that happy.
he always seemed annoyed with her and couldn’t hold it in.
it was all fake smiles on red carpets most of the time.
i’m glad they both decided to live their truths,
the one of the relationship wasn’t working,
and let it go.
it’s better than playing the “all american family” for team owners.
i’m sure they will bounce back tho.
i saw both of them at her book signing and they are both fine as hell.
la la is very pretty and carmelo issa snack in hd real time.
i’m willing to comfort both during this time.

lowkey: a single carmelo in new yawk this summer…

…sounds like some are gonna get the ride of their lives.

article taken: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Carmelo and La La Anthony: Separated and Single!”

  1. I’m actually surprised they made it this long without any issues goin public, they’ve always seemed like the odd couple to me…

      1. ^This!! That is the downfall to many relationships, when one does something to make the other “happy”. He married her to get her off his back about marrying him. I honestly believe that if they didn’t get married, they might still be together. La La liked the spotlight, Carmelo didn’t. You could see that on her reality show. He wasn’t cool/comfortable with the cameras there. Some people eat it up, like Deion Sanders, he didn’t. I think they’ll be better this way, than unhappy together.

        You know the THOTS about to be out in force after his ass! LOL
        For all we know though, he already got his new chick ready. She might be one of the many “local” chicks we hear so many athletes have in the various cities across country. LOL
        I’ve hear they have one or two in each city their teams play in during the season, across all professional leagues…NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL.

      1. ^Why do that when most of them want these exotic looking kids?! But a lot of them do it because they think they can string along the baby momma with gifts and money, but that only goes so far before she wants to be the missus and not the chick on the side. That’s when they realize they have a problem on their hands, and everything comes out into the open.
        Most of these guys don’t care that most of these girls they mess around with wouldn’t give them a second look if they didn’t have the money/means to give them the life they want. All they want is a piece of booty.
        What many on BOTH sides fail to realize is that the money is fleeting. Once they stop playing the checks are nowhere near what they are while they’re active. Then you have to divvy up the proceeds among several people, and that amount they’re used to getting is much smaller than they’re used to. Extravagant lifestyle comes to an end. Oh no! LOL

    1. I believe it. He married her thinking he had to bag the baddest chick at the time. He will soon realize there will always be a new pretty face. Personally I think it was discover when the financial records had to be shared during taz,time. I bet she found some other expenses to cover up. With her focusing on her career means he got less of her attention. Unfortunately it may be a case where he needed some attention and instead of waiting and supporting her career he went seeking attention elsewhere.

  2. I recall from watching the show back in the day, Kiyan did want a sibling. Guess his pops made it happen.

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