i’ve never felt so good to be “in my feelings”

even tho folks like to come for drake,
he always manages to win every time.
he is smart and very calculated,
but it works.
well the song of the summer got a video.
as you know,
that’s “in my feelings” from his new album,
you can’t go anywhere without hearing or seeing it.
i guess shiggy,
who went viral because of the dance challenge,
ended up getting more than the check cut because…
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Carmelo Anthony Allegedly Didn’t Pull Out

this carmelo anthony and la la separation is getting messier and messier.
is it me…
or was carmelo the one to smash in the nba?
every vixen i know wanted a piece of that.
me included.
so carmelo allegedly knocked up some random.
this is why la la sent the alleged peace out emoji sign.
it’s a whole lotta mess via tmz sports
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Carmelo and La La Anthony: Separated and Single!

i been telling the foxhole that 2017 is the year of new beginnings.
things will come to an end so it can start a new chapter.
for lala and carmelo anthony,
this year is when their nuptials came to an end.
after 7 years of marriage,
it looks like they’re done.
the alert came through my screen from tmz and well..
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