i’ve never felt so good to be “in my feelings”

even tho folks like to come for drake,
he always manages to win every time.
he is smart and very calculated,
but it works.
well the song of the summer got a video.
as you know,
that’s “in my feelings” from his new album,
you can’t go anywhere without hearing or seeing it.
i guess shiggy,
who went viral because of the dance challenge,
ended up getting more than the check cut because…

…drake put him in the forefront of the video.
it was smart to put shiggy in the there,
as well as incorporate the dance made famous by him.
not only that,
he got mad screen time in the end.
shiggy has now gotten 1 million followers on instagram.
that’s how you cross promote someone.
as for the video,
i loved it from beginning to end.

if that is what a break up does,
i want to glo tf on some la la shit.
she looked amazing and continues to get more beautiful.
it was so good seeing claire huxtable too.
even in the end,
showing everyone who made a video doing the dance.
you gotta give it to us as a people.
we are a beautiful and talented bunch.
we know how to turn up and have fun.
the video was just a good damn time.
i’m very impressed with it all.
this is why j prince told drake not to reply to pusha t.
this is how you win in the end.

lowkey: when i get extra money,
i really want to visit new orleans.
from how it looks in this video and “queen sugar”,
i’m sold on taking a trip down there.

9 thoughts on “i’ve never felt so good to be “in my feelings”

  1. I’m sorry…I’ve never found Drake attractive in the least and now that he has that National Forest under his face and steel factory in his mouth, he looks even more unappealing.

    That woman is looking built right though, whoever she is. She working it.

  2. This was a really good video!!! Goes really well with the song!! Two thumbs up 👍 👍

  3. So in the song does it say that nigga trade or that nigga trap? Either way I thought the video was really good. Yung Miami held her friend down.

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