i’ve never felt so good to be “in my feelings”

even tho folks like to come for drake,
he always manages to win every time.
he is smart and very calculated,
but it works.
well the song of the summer got a video.
as you know,
that’s “in my feelings” from his new album,
you can’t go anywhere without hearing or seeing it.
i guess shiggy,
who went viral because of the dance challenge,
ended up getting more than the check cut because…
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Remember When We Smashed Ontop That Isuzu Truck?

Does anyone remember this video?


Who doesn’t remember that video?
I got many a great nutz off to that foXXX back in the day.

Sexy ass Wolf.
Scorpion tattoo… ON HIS DICK (you already know how I feel about Scorpios)
Fucking a Fox on top of an Isuzu truck. 

Well, rumors were saying he died.
Some were saying jail.
I even heard some saying a mental institution.
Due to some trusty Fox field work,
I found him…

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