queen naija gets a pep font from a rap legend

i still don’t know what song she sings.
ya’ll have made queen naija a star.
apparently she is an alleged colorist,
but that didn’t stop her from becoming famous by “us“.
this happened in times square the other day:

look at all those excited young black vixens.

i MUST be missing out on whatever queen is selling.
well she got hit up by a rap “legend” the other day.
ya’ll was coming at queen for this:

so she was in her feelings and posted this in her stories…

and then this allegedly happened in her dms:

… in which she had to defend her use of the word “legend”:

she addressed her alleged colorist ways in a recent rant:

i mean…
she has an album to promote so…
so i had to find out wtf the hype was about.
i stumbled upon her track,

not bad.
she seems to have some kind of talent.
i guess i won’t think she is famous for who she is smashing:

let’s see if she can last.
her self titled ep is out now.

lowkey: so what does clarence do in all this?
is he just doing her?
i hear his whole family is managing her in some way.
that smells like disaster.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “queen naija gets a pep font from a rap legend”

  1. She did an interview on the breakfast club that was actually pretty good (I was curious what the hype was about as well). Seeeeeems like she’s got a decent head on her shoulders and her songs are cute. Idk if it equates to mobs in Times Square, but for now I think it’s allowable. Lol.

  2. Anyone ca have fans these days. The question is do all these “fans” translate to sells?

    Her song is “cute” but I haven’t seen her do any high profile performances or promotion…

    Plus, even in her BEST picture she couldn’t touch the chocolate woman killing that shit effortlessly.

    Cardi is a fad.

    1. ^i didn’t even know she had an ep out.
      maybe her hardcore fans who follow her to the memo.
      i thought she was a youtuber that was dating another youtuber.

    2. you not lying. i can’t remember his name, but he’s a heavyset black guy that wears a lot of gold. they say he raps, but I haven’t heard anything of his…and don’t want to, but he made an appearance at this local sneaker/aparel store and it was mobbed. when I saw who it was I was like WTF?! some kids told me he was big in IG. SMH

  3. The brown skin girl is summerella shes a singer and ig personality as well. Summerella is actually really likeable.

  4. You are SO shady! I thought it was Nas or someone! I lowkey would love to see someone annoy you so you could gut them effortlessly with your words in a calm, never-break-a-sweat manner.

    She’s a Youtuber who got cheated on and made a song about it. I saw reactions to it and people acted like it was a visual masterpiece with deep meaning. I still don’t know what her actual ex looks like. Don’t care. Heard the song on the radio in my Lyft..so I guess she is a thing. Expect her to be on Love and Hip Hop soon.

    People have said that she’s “gorgeous” and will do so much better without the ex. I think she looks like very round-the-way girl.

  5. Pretty for a brown-skinned girl?!?! I’m confused. 🤔

    The brown-skinned girl is fine, while the other one looks like she needs to have her picture placed on a bag of Quaker Oats Grits…

    I’m so confused by her comment.

    1. And that guy she’s with looks a fool with that rug up under his face. I don’t know why all men think they look good with it when the majority of them look straight up like Troglodytes.

  6. The nerve of this bitch to come for the chocolate girl who is shitting on her effortlessly. I don’t get into all these people y’all make famous off of social media. If Cardi B is co-signing then this girl clearly ain’t for me.

  7. all i know is, this chick got a baby with that bearded comedian dude on youtube & ig who got arrested recently for impersonating a police officer; now she’s messing with that other (WACK) bearded dude w/ the clothing line. That’s all i know lol …and, these FANatics, well, they like anything these days lol MESSY!!!

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