foxhole, can you pencil me into your calendar?

i think every foxholer,
whether professional or not,
should utilize their calendars.
celebs and execs can’t function without theirs.
it’s why “the big deals” have assistants to manage their lives via calendars.

your phone isn’t just for taking selfies and making sex tapes.
it’s a smart phone that should be keeping you…
smart af.
even my ratchet foxhole should keep a calendar.
so jamari fox utilizes tf out of the calendar on his phone.
i’ve used it to schedule when bills that where due,
but i have since really gotten involved in incorporating so much more.
i have to thank pose for that…

one day,
a year or two ago,
i wanted to go see a movie with her.
when i asked her,
she responded:

“let me check my calendar and see…”

i know she is a very busy vixen,
but the sentence was like:

she gotta pencil me in.
well shit…”

the other day,
i wanted to talk to karaoke on the phone.
she is also extremely busy with her life and new husband.
she didn’t know about my new calendar life.
so i took initiative and asked her:

“can we pencil in some time to talk on our calendars?
is tomorrow at 12pm good for you?”

“well excuse me…
let me check.
i’ll be headed to an appointment around that time,
but that’s good for me.”

she revealed to me that she is a mess without her calendar.
she schedules everything on it because she will forget.
we have since started sharing our calendars so i can see.
she has “clean up” and “do laundry” on hers.
when you get an alert that reminds you to do something,
you may actually be more inclined to get up an do it.
i am better when my life is structured.
when i go with the flow,
nothing gets done.
i feel a lot more organized now.

if i’m going anywhere,
i schedule a reminder a week, day before, and 2 hours in advance.
if i know someone is busy to talk/go out,
we organize a time and send the invite.
if someone is locked in a calendar invite,
they can’t use the excuse that they forgot.

which calendar does this fox use?

i’m an iphone fox with a google mind.
i love the various features offered on google calendar for iphone.

it works in sync with google maps and the gmail app,
which are my “go to”.
everything goes to my apple calendar as back up tho.

so  try it out for a week foxhole!
anything you need to get done,
events you’re attending,
or your dick appointments.
your dick appointment may conflict with something else.
even if it’s to set a reminder every tuesday to take out the trash.
keep me posted on your progress!

lowkey: there is thing on google calendar called “goals”…

the nerd in me is in love.

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “foxhole, can you pencil me into your calendar?”

  1. You KILLING it, Son!!! This post was on POINT!!!!!! I just started using mine on a regular basis.

  2. Yass dirty 30’s, we aren’t that far apart in age. 🙂 I’m checking it all out and downloading now. I used to be team android until this past January and I’m obsessed with my iPhone now. I’m glad you can have google stuff on it because I’d be lost. I’ll definitely keep updated on how this goes LOL

  3. I don’t know many adults with two pennies to rub together who don’t work their calendars. Hmmm?

  4. Oh yes, I’m ALL about my Google calendar and it backs up to some other calendar I think is stock, so I actually get two notifications back to back…whatever…but yeah, I couldn’t survive w/o it and also multiple recurring alarms for more serious/pressing matters.

  5. I love the idea of this. I’m really trying to get more structured because I can be all over the place. I just have to follow through which is a problem in itself. Lmao

    How old are you? You are such a friend in my head lol

  6. I would probably die without a calendar but it’s also made me forgetful if it’s not on my calendar. I guess because I’m not using my memory muscles.

    I schedule time to work on certain projects at work ,reminded of things to do , calls to make, grocery store lists and shopping, times, anniversaries of major life dates loved ones died. I even put in relationship milestones like the first time a significant other and I went on a date, had sex etc.. set it as recurring every year or a few months and you will come off as such a

    1. lmao @ a romantic
      i can dig that idea.

      i try to not put everything in my calendar like dates and the deaths of my parents/star fox.
      i was getting moody when those dates started coming around from my subconscious.

      i’m cooking and i put that i wanted to wash my hair and give myself a quick facial.
      i scheduled it around the time i have to put the rice and vegetables on.
      when you start doing this for little things,
      you’ll be a beast when you are doing bigger things

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