apparently, chace crawford fills out his role well in “the boys”

i always thought “nate” was cute on “gossip girl“.
he was played by chace crawford.
i haven’t really seen chace since “gossip girl” ended.
he’s on a show called “the boys” on amazon prime video.
in a 2020 promo calendar sent out by “amazon”,
it seems chace is blessed in more ways than one via “the daily mail“…
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the wolf with the acorn crackin butt cheeks in marvin’s calendar

*the following is rated r.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

ya know,
the foxhole and God really look out for me.
so i was on marvin bienaime’s ig a while back.
he was showing different wolves that were gonna be in his calendar.
i came across one and had a question:

Who the wolf with the acorn crackin butt cheeks was?

it was this wolf

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foxhole, can you pencil me into your calendar?

i think every foxholer,
whether professional or not,
should utilize their calendars.
celebs and execs can’t function without theirs.
it’s why “the big deals” have assistants to manage their lives via calendars.

your phone isn’t just for taking selfies and making sex tapes.
it’s a smart phone that should be keeping you…
smart af.
even my ratchet foxhole should keep a calendar.
so jamari fox utilizes tf out of the calendar on his phone.
i’ve used it to schedule when bills that where due,
but i have since really gotten involved in incorporating so much more.
i have to thank pose for that…

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BK Brandon Needs A Calendar

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 8.40.07 PMbk brandon needs to come out with a calendar.
not only will it take his career to another level,
it will also help acquire clients for his personal training business.
i mean he works so hard on his body,
why not put it on some website for extra income?
so my question is this…
would you buy his calendar?…
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JJ James Can Cum On My Wall

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 8.01.51 PMcan we talk about his wife beata straps about to break?
that picture made me down 4 glasses of water.
so jj james is doing the smartest thing in his entire career.
he is coming out with a calendar for 2016.
well done!
he put some preview shots on his instagram and well…
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I Wouldn’t Mind Seeing Saury With A Calendar

tumblr_mlks856X2O1r7993do1_500this is one of my favorite dominican wolves.
i’ve mentioned saury valerio before.
foxholer lin actually found his name for us.
thanks lin.
well i think saury is sexy as hell.
personally speaking.
i think i’d like to see him put together a calendar.
why you ask?…
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