I Wouldn’t Mind Seeing Saury With A Calendar

tumblr_mlks856X2O1r7993do1_500this is one of my favorite dominican wolves.
i’ve mentioned saury valerio before.
foxholer lin actually found his name for us.
thanks lin.
well i think saury is sexy as hell.
personally speaking.
i think i’d like to see him put together a calendar.
why you ask?…

um no reason.
no reason at all.

lowkey: in my ratchet mind,
he smashes his vixens like dis:

tumblr_ngckr6R7Te1sf68sto1_500…annnnnnnndddd i think i just turned myself on.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “I Wouldn’t Mind Seeing Saury With A Calendar”

  1. He is very sexy…but I’ve envisioned his smash game as whack.
    I’ve known some fine ass kats who got dogged by the ladies when it came to their dick game. Lol
    My niece was messing with this phyne Rican dude. Ass like pow, and a nice size bulge on him. Heard her telling her girlfriends that if he got by on his looks he would be ok…’cause he didn’t know how to fuck for shit. Lol

    1. lol that’s true i’ve experienced that myself, i had a chocolate stallion one time and he was sexy as all hell, had a big dick but his stroke game was lighter than Cassie vocals on a Monday lol

    1. You can usually find a Dominican papi at Washington Heights or near the Yankee Stadium or the Spanish Harlem. But Washington Height is the definitely the place.

  2. Jaja you’re welcome, J. What’s a foxholer? I know plenty of fine ass Dominican papis, so incase you wanna know more you know who to go to. And one day, hopefully, you decide to go to DR let me know because there are bugarrones gotta be careful with, they’re str8 but will fuck a dude for the right price or little price, but will kill you as well, but they’re mostly in the condo area so you gotta stand clear away from that area. Plus I know some really good gay bars to go to with a lot of fine ass Dominican men. And in Puerto Rico, my home, I can give you details tu sabes.

    1. ^lmao at “they’re str8 but will fuck a dude for the right price or little price, but will kill you as well”

      that makes me want to go get my passport lin!

      1. lol All I’m just saying is to be careful and safe. But you seriously can’t miss the opportunity to go to DR because shit there are a lot of fine ass men there!!!

      2. Jamari.
        Me. You.
        Puerto Rico. Dominican Republic.
        Exotic cakes sitting like ripe peaches on a tree everywhere just waiting to be plucked and ravaged!

        Save the date!

  3. Give me my Dominican and Brazilian men any day!Not so hot for Puerto Rican men. Jamaican men can be a hit or miss depending on which side of the island they’re from. You have to go to Upper Kingston or the south side of St. Elizabeth where most of the wolves are mixed.

    1. And this man has no job and lives in a apt with 8 people no education and lives off his girlfriend who is ugly dumb but provides with everything

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