why fabolous hem up shiggy like this?

it was all good on july 21st when this pic was takem…
now if i had just been accused of alleged domestic abuse,
by allegedly knocking my vixen’s teeth out,
i wouldn’t be doing the following.
especially when you are a celeb and the feds are watching.
by feds,
i mean EVERYONE who owns a phone with a camera.
so fabolous was caught pressing shiggy on worldstar.
maybe this was friendly banter
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i’ve never felt so good to be “in my feelings”

even tho folks like to come for drake,
he always manages to win every time.
he is smart and very calculated,
but it works.
well the song of the summer got a video.
as you know,
that’s “in my feelings” from his new album,
you can’t go anywhere without hearing or seeing it.
i guess shiggy,
who went viral because of the dance challenge,
ended up getting more than the check cut because…
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